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Carpe Capra! (Seize the Goat!) Goat Yoga and More Comes to Chippewa Valley

Goat yoga is the talk of the town all over rural America.  Aside from the cute factor, which should not be discounted, there is much joy in understanding the honorable creature, Capra Aegagrus Hircus.  If you’ve seen the Bifrost Farms banners at the Menomonie Farmer’s Market, you will know that their tagline is, “Changing the world, one goat at a time.” And that’s what Meg Wittenmyer and Tracy Chipman are trying to do with Carpe Capra!

Goats are very sensitive, complex creatures.  They provide milk, meat (for some), companionship and smiles.  They are the reason that Bifrost Farms Creamery exists.  To celebrate this noble beast and offer the community a chance to get to know them better, Meg and Tracy are taking the goat yoga experience a step further offering a ‘goaty’ experience with a little something for everyone, once a month May to September.

Beginning Sunday, May 20th, Bifrost Farms will host a monthly experience – Carpe Capra!

Event reservations will be limited to 15 to foster and preserve a sense of intimacy and community.  Participants will start off the afternoon with a welcome circle, a bit of historical information about these fine creatures, and goat yoga class getting you in touch with your inner goat, led by Tracy Chipman, a certified Yoga instructor based in Menomonie.  Really, doing goat yoga is more about hanging out with these intriguing animals than rockin’ your Downward facing Dog.  Once muscles and brain cells are relaxed, participants can indulge their taste buds with wine or sparkling water, organic fruit and a selection of Bifrost Farms goat milk products, while listening to folk tales and myths about goats presented by Tracy, who also happens to be a professional storyteller! The event is wrapped up with a “goat walk” through the woods and fields of Bifrost Farms.

Location: Bifrost Farms Creamery E2062 930th Ave, Boyceville, WI 54725

Dates:  Sundays -May 20th, June 17th, July 22nd, August 26th, September 16th

Times: 1-4pm

Cost:  $55

To Register: (limited to 12 participants)

Join our Mailing List!  For or more information, or to get in touch please contact:

Meg at 715-643-2208 or email, or Tracy – , or

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