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Bullseye: Help for Those with Lyme Disease

By Rebecca Joy Durham

“There is nothing wrong with you.” “All your blood work comes back normal.”

These are words that he heard from traditional medicine for years.

“He may be a hypochondriac.” “It’s all in his head—he needs to stop thinking about being sick.”

These are some of the words that his wife heard behind closed doors when he wasn’t present.

Christopher and Rebecca Joy Durham are the founders of Bullseye Alternative Health Solutions, and their focus is on serving people with Chronic Lyme Disease. The above conversations actually happened to them. Over and over. The symptoms, the sickness, the pain, the arguing, the unbelief. The Durhams dealt with these for years. It was a very rough road, to say the least.

Christopher was eventually diagnosed with a terrible autoimmune disease and, oddly, the Durhams were comforted to have an actual reason for his pain. It had gotten so bad that he was 95% bedridden. For his wife, it was like living with a 90-year-old, disabled dementia patient. And they were only 45 years old!

However, some of Christopher’s symptoms didn’t quite fit the autoimmune box, so the Durhams kept on digging. They had three small boys at home that they were home schooling and were not ready just to give up and give in to the prognosis provided by the medical community. Through alternative means, they finally discovered Christopher had Lyme disease.

Lyme disease is often misdiagnosed as ALS, MS, Parkinsons, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and many other ailments. Once they discovered Christopher had Lyme disease, the Durhams were able to find an alternate treatment that miraculously helped him make huge improvements very rapidly.

Many passions are found through pain and struggle. The Durhams were not going to let Lyme disease define them and leave them with a bad history. They had a testimony. They were thankful and wanted to share their testimony and results with others. The pain turned to a passion, and that passion led to a purpose.

Christopher studied, listened, read, and became one of the few Certified Resonant Practitioners in the State of Wisconsin. His desire is to serve the people who may be suffering from undiagnosed symptoms, misdiagnosis, and diagnosed Lyme disease and the co-infections that often accompany it. As with all good things, knowledge must be shared. The Durhams are here to hear you, serve you, and help you.

This is a short list of common symptoms of Lyme disease:

• Brain fog • Migratory pain in joints • Swelling in joints • Stiffness in joints, back or neck • Bone pain • Night sweats or unexplained chills • Regular low grade fevers • Poor balance • Slurred speech • Memory loss • Confusion

If you are able to check one or two of these, please visit for a more comprehensive list. The Durhams care and want to help you feel better than you did before you were sick!

To learn more please call 715-861-5708, email or, or visit During this unusual time in history, they are now offering services virtually.

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