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Baby (and Mama) Stuff You’ll Love!

Being a mother of two lil ones, and a green enthusiast,  I have tried a lot of different products. I just love this stuff. It’s natural, organic, and some are even made locally. You can’t get any greener! –Arwen Rassmusen

LüSa Organics Booty Balm does wonders on a sore bottom. Organic, natural and locally made in Baraboo, WI.

Motherlove Nipple Cream is organic and safe for baby to ingest  You’ll love it, I guarantee it.

Kids overtired and wild? Swipe LüSa Organics Sleep Potion behind their ears and watch the transformation. It’s amazing! I’ve witnessed it! And I use it, so it’s not just for kids, either.

Angel Baby Shampoo and Body Wash is organic, natural, and made with love. It makes bath time awesome.

Clean Aura Baby’s Bottom Soap is mild and gentle on baby’s skin. You’ll love it because it’s organic, natural, and locally made in Fond Du Lac, WI.

Looking for a family safe bug spray that includes the baby, look no further than Happy Camper Bug Spray by Clean Aura.

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