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Amazing Recycling & Waste Stats

Amazing Recycling  and Waste Stats1. An impressive 34 percent of our waste could be composted, and perhaps this is not that surprising given the fact that we waste about 33 million tons of food annually, according to the EPA. Composting at home is an increasing trend, however, so if you’re up for learning a bit about dealing with your food and other compostable waste, you could help decrease some of these numbers.2. 33 million tons of food is a huge number, but if you look at this figure on a smaller scale, theaverage American wastes between 209 and 253 pounds of food every year. For many of us, that means we waste more than our own body weight in food. Not all the news about food waste is negative, though. Many companies are trying to find ways to reuse food.For example, some supermarkets are recycling their food waste, meaning it either gets donated, fed to animals or composted. 3. Who knew recycling a single glass bottle would allow you to spend 30 minutes browsing the internet? Just think what recycling a whole case of beer or soda bottles could do. Glass is one of the best candidates for recycling because it never loses quality the way some other recyclable materials do. Bottles can be made into new bottles over and over again.

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