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Activated Oxygen Therapy

By: Sue Peck, PhD, GNP-BC, APNP, FAAO

Activated Oxygen Therapy(AOT, Ozone)By Sue Peck, PhD, GNP-BC, APNP, FAAOAOT – What is it? Oxygen we breathe is made of a pair of oxygen atoms (O2). It’s very stable and colorless. Ozone is blue (it’s what makes the sky blue), and is made of three oxygen atoms (O3) instead of two. Adding the third oxygen atom makes ozone “supercharged” oxygen, and gives it remarkable medical properties. Our white blood cells make ozone as part of the immune response. Pure medical grade ozone, when used according to established medical guidelines, has a solid safety record. AOT Therapy – What is it used for? Ozone has been used for medical care for 50+ years. Clinical practice and research show benefit for:

  1. ADD and ADHD

  2. Allergies■ Chronic Sinusitis

  3. Heart Disease

  4. Auto-immune Disease

  5. Cancer – All Stages

  6. Chronic & Acute Neck, Back & Joint Pain

  7. Fibromyalgia & Chronic Fatigue

  8. Chronic infections from viruses, bacteria, and parasites

  9. Digestion and bowel disorders

  10. Depression, Anxiety, Panic

  11. Diabetes and Insulin Resistance

  12. Candidiasis – Yeast Overgrowth

  13. Headaches and Migraines

  14. Bladder Problems

  15. Lung Problems

  16. Lyme Disease

  17. Macular Degeneration

  18. Memory Loss

  19. Menopause and Andropause

  20. Metabolic Weight Loss Programs

  21. Arthritis

  22. Parkinson’s Disease

  23. Prostate Disorders

  24. Sports Injuries

Contraindications for AOT: Conditions that would mean you should not have AOT:

  1. Alcohol intoxication

  2. Recent heart attack

  3. Pregnancy

  4. Active bleeding

  5. Hyperthyroidism

  6. Recent disc herniation

  7. Extremely low platelet count (slow blood clotting)

  8. Thrombocytopenia (major clotting disorder)

  9. Ozone allergy

  10. G6PD deficiency

  11. Artificial joints CANNOT be injected.

What is involved to determine if AOT would work for me? At the first visit we’ll review your health history and do a physical exam. Depending on your needs and the complexity of your health, you may or may not get AOT at that first visit.

You will sign an informed consent. If you are interested, you can participate in the national research study we are part of. There is not a reduction in cost if you participate, but the information about your progress can greatly affect whether insurance companies pay for AOT therapy in the future.  You will need to commit to good nutrition, self-care, and exercise appropriate to your situation. Without that care for your health, AOT is unlikely to work. How is AOT Therapy Done? Major Auto-Hemolytic (MAH) Therapy – An IV is started in your arm. You donate half a unit of blood for yourself. Ozone is mixed in, and then your donated blood is run back into your vein. MAH takes about one hour. You are seated in a comfortable recliner. Be sure to eat and to drink plenty of water before the therapy. Prolozone Therapy is used to treat painful joints and soft tissues. You may need x-rays first. If you had x-rays recently, bring them or the written report to the visit. You will be fully clothed except for the area we work on. The skin will be cleaned and topical numbing spray applied. A very small needle is used to first inject a mixture of vitamins, numbing medicine, and homeopathic solutions. The needle is stabilized while the syringe is changed and ozone is injected. You’ll feel and hear a slushy bubbly sound as the ozone goes in. The needle is then removed and a Band-Aid applied. Very little/no pain is felt with the 10 to 15 minute procedure. You can use the joint and be active, but avoid stress on the joint for two weeks while it heals. Repeat injections, if needed, can be done in two weeks. Ozone therapy can also given be rectally, into the bladder, topically, or as part of a sauna, depending on your needs. What does AOT therapy cost? Insurance (most companies) and Medicare/Medicaid will cover the appointment visit with Dr. Sue but will not cover the AOT therapy costs. Prolozone injections are currently $125–175 per site injected. MAH intravenous (IV) treatment is currently $100 per treatment.

**Prices may change without notice.**


Sue Peck, PhD, GNP-BC, APNP, FAAOHealth Office CoDr. Sue is certified in ozone therapy and is a Fellow in theAmerican Academy of Ozone Therapy.To make an appointment, call 715-832-1953.

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