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5 Kitchen Companions for Health-Conscious Cooking

vegan. That might not seem like a lot, but the statistic was just 1 percent in 2009, meaning that the number of vegans has more than doubled in three years. It’s likely that you’ve got a vegan novice in your life, so here’s how to make their health-friendly diet better.

Eco-Friendly Nonstick Pan

Tofu isn’t exactly the stickiest food, but you can bet adding soy cheese to anything is going to leave a mark. BEKA’s Chef Eco-Logic Ceramic Nonstick Fry Pan ($64.99) is every vegan’s dream pan, with energy efficiency and a chemical-free composition. The aluminum exterior is exceptionally durable, with a three-year warranty just in case.

Vegetable Steamer

Did you know that cooking vegetables in a vegetable steamer can save more than half of the nutrients you lose with boiling? Since most vegans are extra conscious of their nutrition intake, a vegetable steamer is a great gift for helping your loved one live a healthier lifestyle. Go for the latest and greatest with the Hamilton Beach Steamer ($29.88), which comes with two tiers and a digital operating system. Theoretically, you could cook up a whole meal in the steamer, set the timer and enjoy your free time while your dinner is prepared.


Many vegans will mix up smoothies with protein powder and other nutritious goodies to keep energy levels up in a portable way. The NutriBullet Blender is one of the most popular and positively-reviewed items on the market right now. A built-in nutrition extractor ensures the user derives maximum nutrition value from fruits and vegetables in the device. Meanwhile, an extractor blade is powerful enough to slice through seeds and even tough outer skins. Best of all? It costs just $99.99.

Vegetable Chopper

On a similar note, vegans eat a ton of vegetables and fruits, which can lead to tedious slicing and dicing before each meal. A vegetable chopper gets the job done in one stroke, saving time and preventing accidents. The Proctor Silex Food Chopper is a favorite in the industry, with a 1.5-cup capacity in a conveniently transparent bowl. The stainless steel blade is removable and dishwasher safe, and the pulse function ensures that the user has maximum control over consistency. In addition to vegetables, users can also chop fruits, herbs, nuts, cheese, chocolate and more. The chopper ranks in at $14.29.

Storage Containers

Since there aren’t a whole lot of vegan-friendly restaurants out there, most vegans find themselves doing meal prep at least once a week to pack meals for the road. This is where storage containers can be handy pieces of kitchen hardware. Pyrex glass storage containers come in multiple sets depending on need, at $49.99. Best of all? Their glass construction makes it easy to microwave meals and serve on the spot. Non-porous glassware won’t absorb stains or odors from packed food, and a BPA-free plastic lid ensures healthy, safe transport from place to place.

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