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42-Day Sacred Window

In the six to eight weeks following the birth of a baby a spiritual window is open. With thoughtful preparation, this time can be exquisitely blissful. Ayurvedic practitioners advocate a speci?c protocol for mother care based on this concept of a 42-day sacred window. Making sure that a new mother’s “village” takes care of her in equal proportion to the new baby is an investment in her physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health for the 42 years after bearing the baby. Just as taking particular care of the mother during this time will yield health and vitality for her and her whole family, neglecting mother care will predispose her to imbalance, illness, and possibly disease in the years following childbirth. “Upon welcoming a new baby into the world, a mother has a heartfelt impulse to give wholeness and intimate care to her baby. It is possible for this tendency to give and give and give to create confusion, discomfort or even depression in the mother if she begins to ignore her own body signals and well-being” (phone conference with Ysha Oaks). Care of mothers can come from her mate, her family, friends, and ideally, a professional Ayurdoula.

An optimal scenario, according to Ayurveda, includes the mother staying in close proximity to her baby and in her home as much as possible for the six to eight weeks after the baby is born. “The baby will vibrate with the mother so if she (mom) and others are taking care of her, the baby will be more at peace” (Oaks). Daily massage with warm, herbal sesame oil (called abhyanga) bene?ts both the mother and the baby. Ayurvedic practitioners around the country provide mothers and babies with in-home Ayurvedic spa therapies, laundering, house cleaning, cooking, childcare, shopping, education on infant and self massage, aromatherapy, etc. Herbal teas speci?c to the constitution of the mother and baby will help insure that the baby’s stomach is happy and that the digestive capacity of the mother is healthy. Wrapping the mother’s pelvis with a long piece of cotton gauze will help put her uterus back in place, provide support for the abdomen and lower back, prevent excessive bleeding and ensure that she not feel sadness because of her empty womb. One of the most important components is to eat nutritious, fresh foods to restore vigor and provide energy for lactation and the myriad other duties of a mother.

For individualized guidance for conception, pregnancy, and postpartum Ayurvedic care, contact Patricia: Additionally, Ysha Oaks, an Ayurdoula in New Mexico, is a wealth of knowledge and wisdom. Her website: is an extremely helpful resource for families who wish to integrate Ayurvedic postpartum wisdom. Her online cookbook, Touching Heaven, is a must-have for expecting parents.

May you and your family be blessed with health, happiness, protection, and longevity as you honor the 42-day sacred window.

Patricia Wickman is a Certi?ed Ayurvedic Practitioner, Certi?ed Panchakarma Technician and Registered Yoga Teacher. She has a BA in French Literature and has over ?fteen years of teaching experience. She loves people and enjoys inspiring individuals to perceive their beauty and potential. She lives in Eau Claire, WI with her husband and two children. /

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