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3 Health Tips to Control the Stress Monster

Do you feel stressed by the pace and pressures of daily living? Are worry and anxiety eating away at your insides while you try to smile and get through another day? Don’t let stress destroy your physical, emotional, or mental health. Tame the stress monster by putting the life-giving boundaries of rest, reflection, and restoration in place to reclaim the joy of living.

Health Tip #1: Choose Rest

The first step into a healthier lifestyle is choosing to rest. When we are physically exhausted, we get cranky, make poor decisions, and become passive. Getting a good night’s sleep helps us make better decisions and think more creatively.

The world would be a better place if we gave ourselves permission to take a timeout or a nap when we are feeling worn out.

Choose not to make any destructive statements, drastic changes, or major decisions when exhausted or overwhelmed.

Health Tip #2: Practice the Art of Reflection

The second step for balanced living is taking the time to reflect. Practicing the art of reflection brings clarity when we have made a mistake and need to apologize, change direction, or start anew.

Reflection is also a powerful tool to regain our focus and positive direction in life. As necessary and healing actions come into focus, we can shape a healthier and more thankful response. Contemplation allows us to see the good all around us. We see what we focus on.

Health Tip #3: Restore Key Relationships

The third step toward stress-free living begins with restoring key relationships. In the midst of life’s struggles, we need to stay connected as we traverse health issues, loss, or trauma.

By connecting and communicating, we can reach agreement in essential areas with the core people in our lives.

If we are in conflict with others, we can use a tool called active listening to change the tone of any misunderstanding and lower everyone’s defenses. Vital connection is re-established.


Rest, reflection and restoration of relationships empower us to take personal responsibility to meet our own spiritual, mental, social and physical needs. I love helping clients manage stress, maintain an optimum frame of mind, and clearly and effectively communicate even while navigating changing tides.


As a transformation coach, Julie Court offers a free 20-minute consultation. Contact her at for more information. Julie lives and works in Eau Claire, WI.

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