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Winnowburrow Farm & Florals

Bonnie and Josh Warndahl are the self-proclaimed “wearers-of-many-hats and the laborers of love behind the scenes” at Winnowburrow Farm & Florals. Neither were born farmers and, feeling the city life just wasn’t for them, decided a sustainable, nature-based life was the ticket to happiness. They opened the doors (and their arms) at Winnowburrow in 2015 and have been going strong ever since.

Tucked into the rolling hills of the stunning Red Cedar River Valley in West Central Wisconsin, Winnowburrow is part of a 311-acre community shared between seven homesteads. The Warndahls raise exquisite cut flowers, culinary herbs and Heirloom dried beans, including several rare varieties. They also grow gourmet mushrooms for farmers market, retail and restaurant sales, and keep heritage poultry for meat and eggs.

As a former musician, Bonnie found herself craving new ways to engage her creative side, and thus her seasonal floral subscription was born. She provides anything from full-service design to simple bouquets for any occasion, with an aesthetic combining Bonnie’s “urban up-bringing and deep love for the country way of life.” Through the age-old combination of “just water, air, sun, and some good old-fashioned compost,” the farm is able to ensure a longer vase life and a pollinator-friendly product more rooted in the natural bounty of our Earth.

The Warndahl’s passion for creating the most locally-focused, quality product possible is evidenced by “the bees sleeping in [their] blooms” and a customer’s account of their wedding flowers, calling the arrangements “a beautiful testament to a long, cold Minnesconsin winter.” From their hearts they raise community, knowledge and appreciation for Mother Earth and strive to foster gratitude for all she provides by working to stabilize local food security. To give yourself or a loved one the joy of a floral subscription, just call 612-462-9311 or email

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