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Why We Need Earth Day

by Dr. Michael Court D.C., N.M.D.

Every day should be Earth Day. Now is the time to become intentional about taking care of Earth by recycling, eliminating waste, and reducing chemicals. In the same manner, we must be deliberate about what goes inside our bodies. Despite the many toxins in our soil and our water and food supply, the human body is perfectly created to heal itself using nutrition from whole foods. Taking care of Earth is vital to producing the nutrition-rich foods necessary for well-maintained, optimally functioning human bodies.

What’s in Your Water? Chlorine and/or Fluoride

Chlorine is used during the water-treatment process to kill bacteria and other organisms harmful to the public health. Fluoride is added to a water supply theoretically to prevent tooth decay and provide many lifelong health benefits.Fluoride is a by-product of aluminum production that companies have been allowed to add in our water supply as a waste dump. Both chlorine and fluoride are chemicals that have many damaging effects to the body.

Good News and Options

The good news is most of Chippewa County (with the exception of Cornell and Stanley) and all of Eau Claire County do NOT currently add fluoride to the water supply. At home, you can add a pinch of Celtic sea salt to restore some of the minerals lost in the water-treatment process. The best option is to utilize a water filter or purifier system on your tap or showerhead to remove pathogenic bacteria, viruses, parasites, heavy metals, chlorine, and fluoride.

What’s in Your Soil?

The true farmer protects the soil from toxins and feeds and nourishes the soil. Dr. Royal Lee, founder of Standard Process, was a true farmer, inventor, biochemist, and dentist. Dr. Lee built his 1,000-acre organic farm on the premise that the soil is the life of the plant and that the re-mineralization of the soil and its microbial life are vital. True farmers such as Dr. Lee understand that the soil, not the plant, needs treatment. Dr. Lee’s farm produces organic vegetables that are used to make Standard Process whole-food supplements.

Given the continued use of pesticides and chemicals and over-farming of the soil, we know our nutrition in our food supply is going to be sub-optimal. To maintain or restore your health, it is better to pay more for high-quality organic food so that your body can obtain the nutrition to heal itself. Many people choose cheap food with little nutrition or even worse, purchase something that is harming their body.

For more information, read Empty Harvest by Dr. Bernard Jensen and Mark Anderson. It is a sobering picture of how interconnected man is to the earth and how this connection is being destroyed.

What Makes Organic Farming Special?

Organic farming ensures complete nutrition from the ground up. Standard Process’s whole food supplements have been certified organic for over a decade. Standard Process (SP) uses only organic seeds that are never genetically modified. SP has zero tolerance for synthetic herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, and synthetic seed treatments. Irrigation water is supplied from a naturally occurring artesian flowage. SP uses only natural means of weeding and composts the majority of the farm’s by-products. The SP farm is also surrounded on all sides by environmental buffers to prevent chemical inputs and non-agricultural land invasion. See for more details on recycling and other environmentally safe business practices.

Is There Hope for Optimal Health in a Sub-Prime World?

The answer is a resounding, YES!

After many years of working in health care, Dr. Court believes nutrition is the most important factor in overall health maintenance. In 2010, Dr. Court received his degree in Naturopathic Medicine from The American Naturopathic Medical Institute. He also holds certificates from Ulan Nutritional Systems in Nutrition Response Testing.

Naturopathic Medicine focuses on enabling the body to heal and restore itself, but also aiding the body in defending itself before serious conditions even arise. For those searching for alternative health advice, Dr. Court offers a New Patient Health Analysis and a four-page written Report of Findings. He uses Nutrition Response Testing to find the cause of health issues and designs a personalized, Designed Clinical Nutrition program just for you. Most nutritional programs feature Standard Process products as much as possible.

Dr. Court and Chippewa Valley Wellness serve Eau Claire, Altoona, Chippewa Falls, and the greater Chippewa Valley area. The clinic offers a wide variety of alternative health services including Nutrition Response Testing, Massage Therapy, Acupuncture and Upper-Cervical Chiropractic care. For more information see, attend one of our free monthly health workshops, or call 715-723-2713.

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