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Understanding and Conquering Clutter

Two of the fundamental principles of feng shui: ~ Everything is energy, ~ Your space reflects your life.

What does your space say about you and your life?

In your mind’s eye, enter your home through your architectural-intended front door. What do you see as if seeing your space for the first time? Go through each room, especially the bedroom and don’t forget the garage. Look under the beds, in the drawers, closets, storage areas and cupboards. Take notice of all that you see. How you feel is a reflection of the energy in your space.

When you have cleared the clutter, you will experience a calm and centered feeling, improved relationships, more money, clarity, more time and space, enhanced creativity, and living your life in harmony with the Universe.

Clutter is anything that keeps you from doing what you want to do. There are four categories of clutter: things you no longer use or love, things not organized or tidy, too many things in a small space, and anything unfinished.

Examples of clutter are mail, laundry, coats and shoes at the entry, hobbies, newspapers and magazines, recycling, collections, gifts, photos, unfinished remodeling projects, e-mail, junk drawers, clothes closet, hard drive on your computer, things on shelves, things under the sink, things in bathroom cabinets, plants, dishes, craft items, etc. You get the idea.

Why is clutter a problem? “What do I do with all my things?” you ask. Let me help you better understand clutter. No judgment allowed. If you have judgment about clutter, it will be much harder sorting through and realizing its hold on you. If your clutter controls you, you do not have freedom to make clear choices. People “shut down” where there is clutter. It totally slows you down and wastes time.

Do you think of your stuff as things you love or are they a “ball and chain”? Ask yourself, Do I love it?” If you don’t love it, someone else will. If you have something that is annoying you, be the river rather than the dam. Move it on. Someone else will be thrilled with the treasure. It is okay to have empty space. Have only the things that you love!

Identify your clutter. Ask, “Does this thing lift my energy and make me feel good? Do I love it? Does it inspire me? Is it special or just nice?” Maybe you really do love it but it brings back sad memories. Is it useful or helpful? Do I use it? Will I need to use it again?

Examine the blockages of letting go of clutter. There are only two factors we are dealing with: love and fear. Approach your clutter with love in your heart. Don’t be afraid. Believe in yourself as you sort through your things. It is safe to let go. Trust. If you find yourself keeping something “just in case,” be aware that you are keeping that thing out of fear. Letting go of your clutter is not only about looking at your stuff but also allowing yourself to look into your heart releasing the fear and trusting that the Universe will provide what you need when you need it.

There can be emotional attachments to clutter. Sentimental clutter is about who gave us the thing, not the thing. When someone dies and you have his or her belongings, go through the process of grieving before you deal with their personal affects. Things have no eternal value. You know how much you loved someone. You don’t need a thing to have that love. Cherish the memories not the thing.

When dealing with clutter, remember you do not need to have excess. You do not have to fear being with nothing. Strive to find balance. Balance in your space provides balance in your life, creating harmony.

Tune in to how something makes you feel when you see it or think about it. If it makes you feel good, find the perfect place for it. If it makes you feel bad, it’s clutter. Regardless of how much you spent on something, if it does not make you feel good, let it go.

To support your energetic intentions, wear something orange. It takes a great deal of will power to clear your clutter. Start small, perhaps with a shelf or a drawer. Remember that you must finish what you start. Otherwise, the clutter will become worse. Experience the change. Cut the energetic ties to the clutter. With a loving heart, thank the objects as you let them go.

Letting go of your clutter and conquering it is not about getting rid of “stuff” as much as it is about understanding the energetic implications. Remember, everything is energy and your space reflects your life.

Diana DiCristina of Wind Water Harmony is a successful entrepreneur specializing in spirituality, feng shui and color. She blends a kaleidoscope of professional practices and methods to help people enhance their lives by working with their environment. More information at


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