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Truly Green Paint

Sherwin-Williams has received an EPA green chemistry award for its paint formulation that contains recycled plastic bottles and produces less air pollution than typical oil-based paints.

The new paint combines the performance of alkyd, or oil-based, paints, with acrylic paint’s low levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which can cause respiratory irritation and damage to kidneys, lungs, and nervous systems. According to the EPA, Sherwin-Williams manufactured enough of these new paints in 2010 to eliminate over 800,000 pounds of VOCs.

The water-based acrylic alkyd paint features another environmental benefit – it is made from recycled PET plastic bottles, in addition to acrylics and soybean oil. Consumers can find the new paint formulation in several of the company’s products: ProClassic Waterbased Acrylic Alkyd, ProMar 200 Waterbased Acrylic Alkyd, and ProIndustrial Waterborne Enamel.

The EPA awarded Sherwin-Williams with a Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award in the “designing green chemicals” category at a ceremony in Washington, D.C. In its 16th year, these awards recognize the design of safer and more sustainable chemicals, processes and products that prevent pollution and reduce Americans’ exposure to harmful chemicals.

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