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Tips to be an Earth-Friendly Fashionista

Make a Simple Switch

The next time your mascara runs out, consider replacing it with a product from a natural, environmentally friendly company. Josie Maran offers a range of high-end cosmetics developed from earth and skin-friendly organics, while Cargo’s PlantLove line is all natural, down to its biodegradable packaging.

Shop Independently

Take your green makeover to its next level by shopping online. Purchases on ecommerce sites use about 30 percent less energy compared to traditional retail, enlightens the LA Times on Living. Look online for eco-friendly boutiques that cater to your specific needs, but shop smart. According to Life Lock, retail was the sixth most targeted industry for online shopping identity theft. To prevent a disaster during your greening experience, make sure to check for a website’s security seal and the letters “https” in its URL. Online reviews are also an excellent way to verify the validity of a new eco-friendly company, including its mission, production processes and materials. A quick search will usually bring up any reports of cons or consistent security problems.

Buy Green When it Counts

While most of us can’t afford to replace our entire wardrobe, look for opportunities in which shopping and wearing green draws awareness. Strangers at the farmers market are unlikely to notice your cruelty-free cotton tee, meaning you’ve made a difference, but haven’t raised awareness. Wearing a vegan (or even biodegradable) gown or shoes — like those in Stella McCartney’s line — to a high-visibility event gives you an opportunity to promote your outfit and inspire eco-friendly initiatives.

Look for the Best Natural Alternatives

Customize your very own green beauty routine with products that work just for you. A skilled aesthetician will be able to explain during a facial the particular product ingredients your skin reacts to poorly, for example. Beauties with sensitive skin have a bounty of fruit and plant-based options to choose from that use cherries, minerals, beeswax and vegetable oils instead of harsh chemicals.

Do Your Research

As any vegetarian or vegan knows, an environmentally aware lifestyle requires just that— awareness. Don’t take packaging that touts “natural” ingredients at face value. Take the time to flip the product over and check the ingredients. Similarly, a clothing brand with one green line may be making up in PR for less than stellar practices elsewhere, so decide who deserves your business. This doesn’t mean you need to spend hours agonizing about every purchase, but by finding four or five stores with consistent sustainable practices (which includes brands as mainstream as H&M), you can make sure each shopping trip is an exercise in saving the planet. If you fall somewhere between buying exclusively organic luxury brands and dumpster diving, turn to thrift stores or consignment boutiques as a way to “recycle” lovingly worn garments while also preserving the green in your wallet.


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