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The Story of One Happy Home Birth

By: Erin Kaspar-Frett

The day began like any other, as I awoke to the baby and the sounds of the children stirring. I came down to begin the breakfast routine and received a text at 7:55 a.m., “Maybe today? …” After inquiring some more, my client Deena explained that Evie (big sister to be) had been nursing that morning back to sleep at about 6:00 a.m., and the contractions began. This was not unusual, but this time they had not stopped.

Deena agreed to keep us posted. Evie had been asking for Emmy to “come out a play” for weeks. At 9:28 a.m. she decided that we should come at around 11:30. She was not ready for us to come yet, but her partner wanted us to be heading in that general direction “soon” since the contractions were 7 to 10 minutes apart instead of the 15 minutes they had been.

As we drove into the driveway, Evie ran to the cars to meet us with a big smile on her face, “Baby Emmy is coming to play today.” Grandma was keeping her busy during this time of waiting. Let me back up: I don’t often receive an arrival time for births, but the mother was correct in her intuition. The contractions had been coming consistently every 7 to 8 minutes until we walked in the door. Upon arrival, however, they immediately began coming fast and furious, at about every 3 minutes, as if she knew the exact time active labor would start—she was right! She was sitting on an exercise ball leaning on the bed and her partner, Brandon. They had a few lovely moments together, and we snapped a few great pictures. The strength and love they emanated was awe-inspiring and beautiful. Brandon was ready the entire labor with something to drink and some of the essential oils they use regularly in their lives.

As we did the finishing touches on the water for thebirthing pool (we had to hook it up to the laundry input), she was going to make her way to the bathroom and then the birthing pool. She stated, “I felt the baby move down” as she stood up from the ball on which she had been bouncing gently. We moved more quickly as she made her way there.

Once in the tub, it wasn’t very long before she began pushing right away. Kelsi, my student, was alert and attentive, staying by their side. As Emelia slid into this world at 12:30 p.m., we slipped the cord that was over her neck gently over her head, and her parents reached down to receive her onto mom’s chest. Grandma and Evie (big sister) were watching in wonder and awe. They cuddled and kissed Emelia and called her by name. She quickly showed us she meant business for nursing and latched on only minutes after birth as her big sister climbed into the birthing tub to join the fun. Evie exclaimed, “You did it!”

After waiting a bit for the placenta and having it not yet come, Deena decided to head to bed. A few more tricks and it was when she got up to pee that the placenta came. We did the newborn exam in the comfort of their bed and checked everyone over well.

As we left Deena and Emelia tucked into bed hours later, the bliss in the house was palpable. All was well.

Erin Kaspar-Frett is a licensed, certified pofessional midwife with a master’s of science in midwifery serving western WI, with four children born at home. She can be reached at 612-801-9967 or For more information about Erin and the safety of homebirth please visit

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