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Recession is for the Worms

With recession and poor economic times facing our nation, one area family has turned to worms to help their finances, and in turn, are helping the environment. Ed and Jessica Rebak of Colfax, WI started raising earthworms on a large scale. Besides the added income, Ed and Jessica are helping bring the cost of fishing bait down, helping to reduce shoreline fertilizer pollution, and helping gardeners increase their harvests.

It started when Ed was sitting in a truck stop overnight wishing he was home with his wife and they’re soon to be born son. Ed works in the trucking industry. This trade demands travel year round. Ed and Jessica decided he needed to find a way to be home to help.

Enter earthworms or night crawlers. These night crawlers are not your ordinary worms. They actually thrive at room temperature so they need no refrigeration. No more mushy worms on a hot day. In fact, their night crawlers can handle temperatures up to 100 degrees or more. Temps can also dip down to the 50s, but they prefer 70 to 80 degrees. That way when you get home, you can just set them on counter instead of the refrigerator. 250 cultured earthworms can eat a half a pound of food a day, making them the best composting worm available.

These super active worms are fed organic peat and a special mix of organic grains every two weeks. Jessica then harvests the castings from the worms. This rich organic fertilizer takes going green to the next level. Earthworm castings are mother nature’s way of giving plants the micronutrients they need for optimum plant growth. Giving your plants a “healthy snack” is just the start of the many benefits to making earthworm castings your fertilizer of choice. Earthworm castings have no odor. They will not burn plants in any concentration. Seeds and seedlings can be started in pure castings, which will give them the best chance for a healthy life. They improve soil structure and aeration. The tiny capsules resist packing and keep soil loose. Castings provide significant microbial and bacterial activity. These free-living nitrogen-fixing bacteria promote healthy “living” soil that provides an optimum growth environment. Castings contain Auxins and Cytokinins, which are natural growth hormones for bigger and more fibrous plant roots. The high availability of trace elements combined with its structure and high microbial activity allow earthworm castings to out-perform what is expected of a low (NPK) fertilizer. No phosphorous equals safe shoreline fertilizer. No more worry of polluting and burning with synthetic fertilizers. No weeds or risk of diseases when using larger animal manures.

These worms are a great addition to any soil that needs amending. When you purchase your cocoons, inside each cocoon can be 1-4 worms. A twenty-pound bag of cocoons is recommended for a 20’ x 20’ area.

We have always loved gardening and fishing. What a great way to incorporate our hobbies into a business.” Whitail Organics supplies less expensive worms to the fishermen, farmers, gardeners, and pet owners all over the United States. “We give gardeners an advantage to growing their plants in castings. We give property owners a safe alternative to fertilizing their beautiful landscapes. We can also help with composting by adding our inexpensive worm cocoons to composts and gardens. Finally, we give ourselves, a piece of mind that we are doing what we can to help our environment through proper fertilizing.”

Whitetail Organics has taken their Organics an extra step: In addition to the earthworms, they also have a cow/calf operation and raise beef to sell by the ¼, ½, and whole; chicks and other fowl for your farm; “free-range” chickens and eggs; they make cold process soap; and they offer composted manure.

If you have an interest or questions look us up at and facebook or contact Ed at or Jessica and Or by phone 715-962-3202.

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