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Quick Tips & Facts » September/October ‘10

Quick Tips!

Ketchup – When the swimming pool leaves your hair a tinge green, grab some Heinz ketchup when you shower next. Ketchup’s acid neutralizes the chemicals in the pool that make your hair turn on you. So scrub a handful into your wet scalp, let sit for 15 minutes and shampoo like normal. Now who would have thought?

Carrots – Get more benefits from your carrots by not cutting before cooking.  New research finds that boiled-before-cut carrots have 25% more falcarinol, which has anti-cancer properties. Why? When cut, the carrots have more surface area therefore the vital nutrients and good stuff is leached out more easily during cooking. So steam, boil or bake whole and then enjoy.

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Quick Facts

$211 million – amount spent on dietary supplements for menopausal symptoms in 1999. $377 million – amount spent in 2007. 11% – The percentage of 10,500 chemical ingredients in personal care products that the US has evaluated for safety and health.  Source:  The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics

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