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Planning Your Wedding with the Environment in Mind

More and more couples are trying to find a way to have an earth-friendly wedding celebration. The wedding industry is adapting to ensure that holding a green wedding will still involve the elegance that many couples want on their special day. “There are all kinds of ways to have a green wedding without sacrificing style or taste,” says Millie Martini Bratten, who is the editor in chief of Brides magazine.

How can you “green” your wedding? Try these ideas:

Attire • Try a vintage or ‘gently’ used dress from a shop or a relative • Dresses come in eco-friendly fabrics such as hemp, silk, organic cotton, or bamboo • Grooms/men can rent tuxedos

Ceremony & Reception • Consider a daytime outdoor wedding or reception – no need for electricity or lighting • Choose locally grown or produced products – less fuel is needed to transport them • Opt for pillar candles in glass hurricane lamps instead of floral centerpieces

Invitations • Print invitations on recycled paper • Buy invites from companies that use wind power • Skip save-the-date cards • E-mailing guests about your wedding website can be a great alternative to sending out traditional paper invitations

Favors • Choose favors that are useful beyond the event • Make a donation to an eco-friendly organization in lieu of favors

Honeymoon Consider taking an eco-tour • Reserve trips through eco-travel agencies • Seek hotels and resorts that recycle and reduce energy consumption

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