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Pets Are Good “Medicine” for Seniors

Did you know that, come this March 2013, anyone age sixty and over can adopt a dog or cat FREE from the Eau Claire County Humane Association (ECCHA)? If you are in that age bracket, here are ten reasons why adopting a pet might be a good idea.

Senior pet owners have better physical health. This includes:

• Lower blood pressure • Lower resting heart rate • Lower cholesterol • Increased activity/improved strength and mobility (walking the dog, playing with the cat) • More limber arthritic hands from brushing and petting

Some cats or dogs have been known to notice and alert others when their owner is having a seizure or when the owner’s blood glucose drops dangerously low.

Senior pet owners have better mental health. This includes:

• Less loneliness and depression, keeps one’s mind off problems • An increased interest in life • Higher level of self-sufficiency • A constant, non-judgmental, affectionate companionship • Opportunities and ways to connect with others socially centered around your pet

Pets can contribute to a person’s emotional stability in times of crisis—from personal health problems to the death of a loved one.

If you’d like to bring home a new and healthy-to-you pet, visit the ECCHA today.

Adopters age sixty and over receive free adoption from Eau Claire County Humane Association thanks to Nestle Purina’s Pets for People TM fund. Nestle Purina currently works with more than 160 humane societies across the United States to provide senior citizens free pet adoption. ECCHA provides a temporary home to over 2,200 animals each year. With such a variety, there is sure to be an age, breed, color, size, or species (even rabbits and guinea pigs are available!) that is just right for you.

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