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Pet-Friendly and Earth-Friendly

Your family gets an A+ in being green and using natural products, but does that include Fido and Fluffy? People leave a large carbon footprint, but dogs and cats also leave a carbon footprint—er carbon pawprint. However, even pet products are going greener all the time. A visit to your local pet store will turn up more and more eco-friendly items for your pet, so you can award your cat or dog with an Earth-conscious treat, or bed, or other product. Here are a few great products to look for.

A Wisconsin-made product, this doggie shampoo bar is chocked full of such natural ingredients as cotton seed, olive, palm, sunflower, coconut and castor oil; soy; jojoba; shea and beeswax. Other ingredients include lemongrass, eucalyptus, rosemary, lavender and pennyroyal essential oils. Find more on Facebook or call (608) 365-1346.

Purr & Simple Biodegradable Cat Litter

Are you looking for Earth-friendly cat litter? This Purr & Simple litter, made from nutshell byproducts, is low dust and silica free. Best of all, it is biodegradable and, after you clean out the doo-doo, you can add it to your compost bin! Purrfectly biodegradable. See

Harry Barker Bamboo Dog Bowl

Your dog can now eat in style with this bamboo dog bowl, made from sustainable resources such as bamboo fiber and rice husks. If that’s not enough, it’s also lead and cadmium free, so no icky stuff will get into your pet’s yummy din-din or water. Check it out at

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