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My First Abhyanga Massage and Steamy Wonder Session

by Arwen Rasmussen

I have always been a deep tissue massage kinda girl and I couldn’t really even tell you why. The first massage therapist I ever saw, Sarah, was a deep tissue therapist and so that is what I started with and that is what I have always gotten. And it makes sense, given the fact that I lift weights, cardio my butt off 5 times a week, and have two children under 3. Now, I have gotten other massages before. I had one after each of my children were born gratis from the hospital and I had one once at one of those day spas. Don’t get me wrong, they were nice with their soothing music, scented oils, and women who spoke in whispers. But when I want a massage, I always take the deep tissue, fatigue your muscles, man it hurts but when it’s done it’s all good, type of massages. So when Patricia, my Ayurveda doctor suggested I get an Abhyanga massage after my daughter was born, I was a little, let’s say, unexcited.

But Patricia said it would be good for me since I just had a baby and she (and myself) thought I could use some pampering, so I booked it. So picture this with me: sunlight streaming in the windows at just the right angle to give the room a warm, welcoming feel; quiet, soothing music to calm the noisiest mind; and oil being warmed by tea lights. After crawling onto the warmed massage table with a heating pad at my feet, I began my 90-minute Abhyanga experience and loved every minute of it. The warm oils and rhythmic strokes of Patricia’s hands seemed to melt away my stress and put me into a mental state I never wanted to leave. And the best part was that she hit every part, twice. That’s right; she did my hands twice, my feet twice, my forearms twice, and so on. It was wonderfully relaxing and was the much needed pampering I had been missing. And it wasn’t over with the massage either. Then I was introduced to the steamy wonder and let me tell you, wonder doesn’t even begin to describe it. A steam tent is fixed over you and the table with your head sticking out. Wet, cool towels are put over your feet and neck while 120 degree steam surrounds and wraps your body in a sauna experience like never before.

It was bliss. I recommend it as a gift to anyone who is stressed, who’s had a baby, or just wants the most relaxing 2 hours to themselves. It’s a treatment everyone should have at least once. I can say this for sure, my first Abhyanga and steamy wonder session won’t be my last.

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