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Moisturizer Matters

Moisturizers should provide both humectant and occlusive protection to skin. Humectants draw moisture from the atmosphere to the skin, and occlusives form a seal on the skin to lock existing moisture in. Dr. David Simon, co-founder of Ayurvedic spa The Chopra Center, suggests, “Don’t put it on your skin if you wouldn’t put it in your mouth. Anything you put on your skin will be absorbed within 20 to 30 minutes… into the tissue layers of your body.”

Dry Skin Symptoms: skin feels tight after cleansing, may start to flake and tends to wrinkle.

Treatment: seek a moisturizer with heavier occlusives such sesame, avocado, or almond oils or butters.

Sensitive Skin Symptoms: skin gets blotchy in cold wind, blushes easily.

Treatment: ingredients like coconut oil, lavender, German chamomile, or olive oil will provide anti-inflammatory, soothing properties.

Oily Skin Symptoms: larger pored, thicker skin that tends to be prone to breakouts.

Treatment: eliminating all oils or occlusives isn’t necessary and can even be damaging to skin. Instead, look for lighter moisturizers with emphasis on humectants and stimulating emollients such as safflower or sunflower oils.

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