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Love Your Lymph, Improve Your Immune System

by Joyce Sobotta

One very important way to improve your immune system is to learn how to love your lymph and keep it free and flowing. A blocked lymphatic system, often overlooked by the medical community, may be the cause of aches and pain, gastrointestinal issues, swelling, cellulite, weight gain, arthritis, fibromyalgia, depression, skin breakouts, and lymphedema.

The lymphatic system is a complex network of fluid-filled nodes, vessels, ducts, and glands, including the spleen, thymus, and tonsils. They carry the cellular waste, toxins from our environment, to the bloodstream. Because lymph fluid moves slowly without its own pump, inactivity can seriously restrict its flow.  Muscle contraction as in the diaphragm with deep breathing and manual manipulation as in a gentle massage are the primary means to circulate our lymph and direct it to drain from the body.

Seven years ago I didn’t know about the lymph. Today, I continue to learn as I work with holistic doctors and professionals all over the country and share what they have found in research studies. Here are four proactive steps we can take to aid our immune system:

1. Eat well! We can reduce our body’s toxic burden by avoiding processed food, preservatives,  simple sugars, and carbohydrates.  Investigate any food sensitivities that may affect digestion and be a cause of stressors in your body.  Learn what foods will support your cellular function, digestion, and elimination. Drink plenty of purified/filtered water to help carry oxygen and nutrients throughout the body and eliminate toxins and wastes.

2. Limit daily exposure to environmental toxins. Several studies indicate “95 % of all cancer is due to diet and accumulation of toxins.” Learn about harmful ingredients in personal care and household cleaning products, and read labels before purchasing.

Zenoestrogens are foreign estrogens—synthetic chemicals that mimic natural estrogens and can be linked to many health problems. We come in contact with hormone disrupting chemicals through pasteurized dairy, soy products, food additives, plastics, Teflon, and phthalates in personal care products.  Cell phones improperly carried cause EMF overdose, which has been labeled the deadliest toxin on the planet.

3. Nurture and protect. Clinical studies show that essential oils with high amounts of D-limonene stop and regress abnormal cells. A blend of quality essential oils works synergistically to help balance emotions and raise vibrations.  At the same time it will address physical conditions such as inflammation, pain, fibrocystic lumps, and PMS breast symptoms.

Fibrocystic breast tissue is not a disease. Statistics say that 90 percent of breast lumps are benign. Giving our breasts a loving lymphatic massage every day not only moves the lymph, but it is healing in every way.  It assists the lymph in transporting toxins, inflammation, virus, bacteria, and other impurities to the lymph nodes and thoracic for processing.  Use a light touch, moving the skin instead of massaging the muscles. This is a beautiful fun way to “get to know our girls and take care of them.”

4. Learn techniques that calm anxiety and heal. A depressing, fear-based thought pattern can remain with a family history of cancer. These thoughts lower our immunity, increase the likelihood of inflammation, or cell abnormalities throughout our body, and may even block treatment.

The heart, lungs, breasts, throat, and shoulder areas are in the fourth emotional center. The health of this area of the body is affected by our ability to express our emotions fully and bring balance to giving and receiving.  We can learn to give ourselves permission to forgive all the things we think we did wrong. Be honest about your feelings and speak out what you feel.  Apply techniques such as meditation and emotional freedom technique to bring confidence and a balanced state of love, gratitude, and appreciation.

Joyce Sobotta has a bachelors of science in education and certifications in holistic aromatherapy and reflexology. She is the founder/owner of Healthy Girls Breast Oil, a home-based, international business. She is available for consultations and presentations on therapeutic essential oils and natural self breast care.  She can be reached at 715-878-4474 or visit


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