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Keep It Simple, and Make a Huge Change

By:  Molly Enright, True Blue Housekeeping

When it comes down to it, the one thing I cannot clean without would have to be rags. I keep a bunch of them in the kitchen and the bathroom and use them for everything. I throw one on the floor while I am cooking or doing the dishes and clean up spills with my feet as they happen. Then I throw it in a small laundry bin. I run one under the shower water while it’s warming up and wipe down the sink and the toilet, dry it with another, and throw them in a bin. By keeping a little bit of soap or your favorite green cleanser, a toothbrush, and a slew of rags accessible, you can eliminate ever really needing to scrub the places that usually get the worst.

A couple of other things that help would be to keep a squeegee in the shower and get the water and soap residue off of the walls and doors before it hardens. Wiping just the shower fixtures dry and never giving soap and hard water a chance to leave residue. Not using bar soap is a huge help too. All-natural soap does not seem to be as problematic, but if you are noticing soap caked on your shower walls, you may want to look into treating yourself to an all-natural body wash and living a life of healthy leisure, or else succumbing to the never-ending battle of using half a bar of soap and scraping the rest off of your shower wall. This new habit will help with the plumbing too and keep you from a six-month Drano dump ritual.

I’ve also switched from plastic shower curtains to fabric ones. I’ve noticed this getting marketed as a specific thing now, but you can actually just use any shower curtain cover. The thinner the better actually, because then it will dry quicker, but the water won’t go through. The trick is to get two and switch one out to be washed with all of your used rags.  These could be the last shower curtains you ever buy, and think of the ridiculous amount of plastic used to make the regular ones, and where all of the ones you have used are now. It’s so awful. So next time you take yours down to replace it, throw the outer liner inside the tub and try a shower to see what I mean. I like to keep what I can out of the landfill and the water system, and these simple things have allowed me to do that in a great many ways.

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