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Just Float

By Carla Cooper, The Zaniya Center

Float therapy (a.k.a. zero deprivation) is a way to restrict all sensory input to help bring the body back in balance. When sensory input is taken away, the brain has less to process. Take away gravity and now the body and mind are in complete neutrality.

How to R.E.S.T. (Reduced Environmental Stimulation Therapy): 

No need to bring anything except an open mind and willingness to experience complete relaxation. You will step into a large tub filled with 1200 lbs of Epsom salt and only 10” of water, lay back and then let the water float you, easing your muscle tension and calming your mind. A shower is required before and after the experience.

Floating Increases: 

  1. Mind/Body Awareness: Reconnect with your body at the same time you disconnect from the world.

  2. Focus/Creativity: Empty your mind and the important thoughts will reorganize. Hard to concentrate on studies? Bring in your electronic lectures or seminars and stream into the tub while you float.

  3. Muscle Recovery/Pain Management: Being virtually gravity-free allows your muscles and bones to completely relax with no pressure on specific points, which allows for increased blood flow, decreased lactic acid, increased endorphins and increased muscle recovery.

Floating Decreases: 

  1. Anxiety/Depression: Laureate Institute for Brain Research has proven the short and long-term effects of floating and the reduction of anxiety and depression as well as the increase in serenity and relaxation.

  2. Back Tension/Pain: When the muscles and spine aren’t working to hold us up, or they’re fighting against each other, the body can experience a reduction in pain.

  3. Fibromyalgia Pain: By taking away sensory input the brain calms down, which in turn calms the nerves, pain receptors, muscles, joints, etc.

Who Can Float?

Pregnant mamas! Kids, elderly, etc.

For more information or to set up an appointment, contact:

The Zaniya Center; 715-861-2030; ;

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