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Just Breathe and Relax

by Jean Kowalski, LMT, ATP® How can the gentle touch of CranioSacral Therapy assist a mother during and after her pregnancy? As a holistic healing therapy, CranioSacral Therapy (CST) is a gentle, non-invasive and powerful hands-on healing modality that will assist the whole body with healing from many health conditions. This relaxing bodywork has grown in popularity amongst mothers that seek to achieve optimal health in the childbearing year and thereafter. CST will assist infants, children and adults by utilizing a very soft, gentle touch to encourage the natural healing mechanisms of the body to be activated.

The gentle touch of CranioSacral Therapy allows pregnant/postpartum women and their babies to release stress and constrictions related to gestation and birth. The CST treatment prepares mom and the baby’s bodies for a healthier, more comfortable pregnancy, and an easier, quicker, more natural birth experience. The birthing process is an intense experience for both mom and the baby’s bodies. After birth, CST releases physical/emotional trauma, i.e. pelvic problems, depression, colic/crying, indigestion, breastfeeding problems, etc.

As a woman’s body goes through dramatic changes during pregnancy, CranioSacral Therapy will help to rebalance both the energy and physical body. Through the use of light and gentle touch, a peaceful and positive experience is available for mom and her baby during the transformative phase of life!

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