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Horse Magic

by Jayne Nuutinen Wolff

For those of you who love animals, you know there is a special bond, but you may not understand how that happens. It comes from the fact that most animals are in the present moment and they sense how we feel. We can learn a lot from our animals, especially horses, about being present in our bodies and being in the moment.

Equine Facilitated Coaching is a newer profession that offers you a chance to learn about communicating with horses for personal growth with the guidance of a life coach. You can begin to understand the language of horses by observing how they communicate with each other. It is similar to learning a foreign language and takes practice. Once you have a dialogue established, you can create a partnership. Being in partnership with a 1,000-pound animal is where the magic happens. This is a somatic experience that touches the core of who you are and can help you transform into the person you were meant to be.

Life coaches are great listeners and ask questions that inspire you to find the answers within. Horses are great teachers based on the fact that they are prey animals and must be in the present moment for their safety and because they are social animals that live in a herd. When you put it all together it becomes a transformational experience.

During a session, I will instruct you on how to integrate the Epala® Five Essentials before working with the horse and to embrace all aspects of yourself. All activities are done working from the ground, so no riding skills and no horse handling skills are required. You will have plenty of opportunities to work closely with a horse to gain the awareness of how you impact the horse and the world around you. All you need is an open mind and heart, an appreciation for horses, and a willingness to see yourself from a different perspective to continue your personal growth journey.

Why would you want to do an Equine Facilitated Coaching session? It is a way to find purpose and peace in your life. A chance to change a habit or pattern that is bothering you. It helps with transitions in life: school, work, new business, family, health, relationships, retiring, and empty nesters. Make your dreams come true. Wellness goals. Find more fun and joy in your life. Accomplishing your New Year’s Resolution. Live with no regrets. You name it, we can work on it. Any questions, check out my website and contact me for more information. Here’s to the You that has been longing to show up in the world! Make it an awesome year.

Jayne Nuutinen Wolff,

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