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Health and Beauty Inside and Out

By Paula Quinlan | Are you pampering the outside of your body, but ignoring the inside? Beauty is far more than skin deep. Health on the inside radiates beauty on the outside. What’s happening on the inside does matter!

Spinal misalignment, incorrect posture, gravity or pregnancy rearranging the position of the internal organs, constipation, and stagnate lymph system are just a few of the internal issues that affect external beauty.

We are a microwave society, meaning we demand instant gratification or instant results. We have busy lives, working two jobs or rushing home from work to get the kids to their school activities, dance, karate, and music lessons. When the clock strikes 9 p.m., and the kids are tucked into bed for the night, now it’s time for the hot bath and relaxation. Who’s got time for the gym or even time for a walk in nature?

When life gets in the way of our health and wellness, the extra pounds slowly creep into place, somewhere on our unsuspecting body. We notice the slacks are a bit snug or we see the infamous “muffin top” around the middle. The self-esteem begins to slide as our weight climbs or our energy levels hit bottom.

As we age, the ribcage expands, the organs lose the opposing pressure to function at peak performance. Internal organs settle into the lower part of the abdomen, become stressed and begin to suffer. The kidneys can twist inward, affecting drainage and elimination, potentially resulting in urinary tract infections. The transverse bowel begins to sag, constipation and painful elimination becomes an issue.

Computer work or repetitive motion activities can result in poor posture issues. Shoulders rolled forward prevents deep belly breathing. Shallow breathing affects the ability of the lungs to oxygenate the blood and eliminate carbon dioxide.

Shoulders rolled forward, extra weight around the middle tends to shift the center of gravity of the body, placing a torque on the lower lumbar area. Pain in the body at first thought may not be contributed to internal organ or spinal misalignment; however, it can often be the culprit.

Medical Grade Reshaping Garments

Medical grade reshaping garments provide support for the spine and internal organs. Relieving the torque on the lower lumbar of the spine may dramatically reduce a chronic pain issue. Organs such as the liver, pancreas and stomach, can function at optimal levels when properly supported and positioned.

The lymphatic system is the only system in the body that does not have its own pump for cleansing. The heart is the pump for the circulatory system. The internal organs have built in pumps for cleansing. The lymph system requires movement (or dry brushing before a shower) to cleanse itself of stagnate fluid.

Medical grade reshaping garments provide instant results for minimizing the “muffin top” around the mid section, which may indicate stagnation in the lymph system. Excess tissue is re-distributed to appropriate areas, ligaments are supported to provide proper shaping and lift of the breast tissue and buttocks. The lower lumbar area is properly supported for better alignment.

As an added benefit, weight loss can occur from the compress/release capabilities of the medical grade reshaping garments. As the body moves, the material of the garment compresses and releases, much like the movements experienced during a lymphatic massage. The lymphatic system is activated to move toxic waste from the tissue to the proper elimination sites. Many women and men experience weight loss and desire to eat less when wearing medical grade reshaping garments.

Health Attributes

Attributes to look for when considering medical grade reshaping garments for your health and wellness program include:

  1. Is the garment made from a high quality, hypoallergenic material, so as to prevent adverse reactions?

  2. Does the material have compression/release function (i.e., elastone of 12% to 24%).

  3. Is the weave of the material open to allow the skin to breath and moisture to be wicked away?

  4. Does the garment support and reshape the body instantly and over time?

  5. Women invest in medical reshaping garments for the added support, pain relief, and simply to look and feel better.

  6. Women who experience body pain issues will often report significant reduction in pain levels when wearing the body suit.

  7. Men can enjoy the benefits of reshaping garments as well. Medical grade reshaping T-shirts and boxer shorts with back support are available to provide similar health benefits for the men. What’s happening on the inside matters to men, too.

Short term benefits of the reshaping garments may include:

  1. Reduced appearance in size, redistribution of tissue for a shapely figure

  2. Reduction of interstitial fluid in the core, mid section of body

  3. Core support for internal organ peak performance

  4. Higher viscosity of the lymph fluid, increasing water/fluid loss

  5. Improved pH of blood and body tissue

  6. Higher self-esteem and confidence levels

Long term benefits of wearing the reshaping garment may include:

  1. Release of fat soluble toxins like petrochemicals

  2. Reduced water weight that stresses and strains the structural system

  3. Reduced free radical activity in stagnant fatty tissue

  4. Improved immune function

  5. Reduced risk of breast cancer through improved lymph drainage

  6. Reduced risk of colon cancer through improved bowel elimination

Medical grade reshaping garments just may be the partner your body has been asking for. When you provide the right partner for the body, the body has the innate intelligence to heal. When the body is properly supported and has proper alignment, the internal organs function as intended. The brain/body communication lines are open, allowing proper exchange of information. Our body is the miracle healer when provided the right partner. Medical grade reshaping garments may be a supporting partner and compliment to your health and wellness program. Wearing the reshaping garments may produce desirable results in a comfortable and fashionable way.

What’s happening on the inside does matter! Create a healing synergy with medical grade reshaping garments to increase self-esteem, improve internal health and radiate beauty on the outside.

Copyright© 2010 Paula Quinlan, Paula Quinlan Consulting. All rights reserved. Paula Quinlan, Body Ecologist, is certified in nutritional darkfield microscopy, aromatherapy, and Reiki energy healing. She is an educator and professional speaker. Visit for more info.

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