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Healing with Horses

by Lisa Kuchinski

What is Equine Assisted Learning/Coaching?

It’s interaction between humans and horses on an emotional and unconscious level. The horses assist you to expand or step out of the box you have unknowingly (or knowingly) placed yourself in. They will challenge you to be the best you can be and expand.

The horses live in a herd, which is vitally important for this process to be successful. Horses’ instincts and interactions with each other are what make this learning experience so powerful. Many of the horses at the ranch have been rescued. It’s amazing watching the horses heal as they help the individuals they are working with.

Ninety nine percent of this work is done on the ground; no riding or horse experience required. This can be done in a group or individually. All you need to bring is a willingness to try something new.

Your Day at the Ranch

When you arrive at the ranch, we introduce you to the herd of horses. You and the horses all get a chance to meet each other and get comfortable. Then we spend some time discussing what you want more of in your life and what challenge you need to overcome. We can work on team building, effective communication – the possibilities are endless.

The horses then choose with whom they will work. Sometimes it’s one horse, and other times there could be six horses that will work with you. This is done either in the arena or in the pastures. The gates are usually kept open so the horses can come and go as they please. The horses have the ability to feel our emotions on all levels. Believe it or not, the horses actually know more about what you need to release than you do. They willingly help you on your path to discovery.

Helen’s Story

A woman came out to the ranch for help with her career. (Her name has been changed to Helen.) She was given one piece of paper on which to write or draw what her perfect job would be. She then met the horses in the pasture. Five horses chose to assist her in her self discovery. She was given directions to place her paper anywhere in the pasture. The next direction was to get a horse to walk around her piece of paper. We said very little to her, because this was her self discovery; this experience is all about her, what she believes, and what she believes to be true for her. This is true for anyone who comes to the ranch. It’s all about your own self discovery.

After about thirty minutes, Helen became a little upset because the horses wouldn’t come anywhere near her. They happily ate their grass and ignored her. She asked for help, so we told her that perhaps she could read aloud what she wrote to the horses. She looked at us blankly because she didn’t write a thing on the paper. We all laughed. This experience is about having fun and to stop judging yourself. We asked another question, and as Helen answered, one of the horses slowly walked toward her. Helen continued to talk about what was important to her in a career. The next thing she knew, the horses made a circle around her. As Helen became excited about the possibilities she was creating for herself, she dropped the piece of paper. Phi (Arabian horse) started to come very close to Helen and was hearing her. Phi was next to Helen, and as Helen realized what her new career would be, Phi, with a little bit of force, placed her hoof on the paper leaving her hoof print on the paper. Tears were running down Helen’s eyes and Phi gently placed her head on her shoulder and touched her muzzles to Helen’s cheek.

Whose Beliefs are Ruling Your Life?

What a miracle this all is. Is it magic? No! As humans, we make life very difficult for ourselves. Do we know all the answers to our lives? Unconsciously/sub-consciously we do. The problem is that consciously we do not trust ourselves or love ourselves enough. We allow beliefs and values that aren’t ours to rule our lives.

This Human-Horse experience is about giving yourself time to get to know yourself/team. Being in nature and being supported by horses gives you a wonderful opportunity to be grounded and use all your five (six) senses in self/team discovery. Our outside world is a reflection of our inner world. Imagine the possibilities that are waiting for you.

The herd of horses that live on the ranch enjoy helping folks who come here. At the ranch we repay the kindness to the horses by chiropractic, acupuncture, energy work, massage, and lots of TLC.

Lisa Kuchinski has operated BE it coaching/Free Spirit Ranch since 2007. For questions please call 612-807-4740,,

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