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Green Pages | November/December '10

Montessori School to Host Holiday Mall-ternative

Dec. 11, noon-8pm , 400 Cameron St, Eau Claire, WI | Known for their innovative fundraisers, the Chippewa Valley Montessori School does not disappoint this holiday season. December 11 from noon to 8pm they will host a holiday shopping event that gives you good reason to avoid the crowds, mass marketing and hyper-consumerism booming at the malls and shopping centers. The mall-ternative will feature great products and services from local artisans, farmers, and more. Goodie bags filled with coupons and cool free stuff will be given to the first 100 attendees. Entrance fee is $3, children under 12 are free.

Proceeds from the event go to the Montessori school ( and Heifer International (, a project aimed at ending world hunger. Live music from some great local musicians, yummy food and samples from vendors, and amazing gifts from local producers and artists make a mall experience fade in comparison. Come enjoy a fun, worthwhile holiday shopping experience. For more information, contact Kristin Walukas, Montessori Parent Steering Committee Chairwoman:

Family Health Fair

Getting ready to make your New Year’s resolutions? Let the Eau Clare Indoor Sports Center help you! On January 15, 2011 the Eau Claire Indoor Sports Center presents the Family Health Fair at their facility, 3456 Craig Rd., Eau Claire, WI.  The event goes from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. and is only $5 per person, children 12 and under are FREE!

Collect valuable health information from our large indoor business marketplace with vendors representing many areas of health related categories. The event will also feature large inflatables, games, prizes, DJ entertainment, food, sports, demonstrations, guest speakers, and more! This is an event the whole family can enjoy!

This event is a great way to find out valuable health related information. Areas of business being represented include: hospitals, chiropractors, dentists, health clubs, nutritional food, specialty clinics, and basic health information. This event is a great way to get your questions answered. It is also a great way to find out how to get healthy during the New Year.

Kids are encouraged to come as well. Health relates to everyone; not just adults. Advanced tickets are available at the Eau Claire Indoor Sports Center.  Find out more information online at

Serenity Dawns Healing & Wellness Services

We all make the best choices for ourselves with the resources we currently have available at any point in time. As a Therapeutic Coach®, I assist clients in realizing all the resources they have, which they have not tapped into. Working with the Conscious, Unconscious, and Higher Conscious minds, along with modalities such as Hypnosis, NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), and a newly developed sports hypnosis program, I assist clients in changing behaviors, releasing fears, phobias, limiting beliefs, and overcoming challenges that currently stand between them and their greatest successes.

I work with clients on all levels, though the changes in behavior come from the unconscious level; by changing the filters (our perception of our realities) at this level, the client changes their perception of the issue and is able to see it in a different light. The client has all the resources within themselves to change any issue, pattern, belief, limiting belief, or value they so choose; it is my privilege to assist them in this realization.

I also do Hydrotherapy (Ionic Foot Detox), which is the removal of toxins from the body through the pores in the feet with the aid of warm water, sea salts, and a very low current moving through the body to assist in the removal of the impurities. Lastly, I am also a Certified Reiki Therapist. Reiki is a process of energy movement in the body to realign and balance the Chakras. I also do Distance Reiki sessions.

Dawn M. Luebstorf is the owner of Serenity Dawns Healing & Wellness Services and looks forward to meeting and serving the wonderful people in the Chippewa Valley and beyond. She can be reached through her website at

“Together we can awaken the limitless possibilities and create the change you  wish to see in your life.”

Financial Wellness with Kevin McKinley

Sacred Heart Hospital’s Center for Healthy Living and Friends of Sacred Heart Hospital are co-hosting a special financial wellness seminar for Chippewa Valley residents this fall. The session, led by Kevin McKinley, host of Wisconsin Public Radio’s “On Your Money” and Certified Financial Planner and Managing Member of McKinley Money, LLC, will provide a general overview of financial wellness strategies with a special focus on the top “10 ways to increase your retirement income.” Attendees will have a chance to receive practical financial advice. The seminar will include a question and answer session with Kevin.

The event will take place November 11 at 5:30 pm at Sacred Heart Hospital’s Community Auditorium (900 West Clairemont Ave., Eau Claire). A light dinner will be served. The event is free and open to the public, but pre-registration is required by November 4, by calling the hospital’s Center for Healthy Living at (715) 717-1600.

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