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Green Pages » Nov./Dec. ‘13

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Around the Farm Table takes viewers through our farming landscape to shine a spotlight on midwestern farmers and artisan food producers. The show is designed to increase our understanding of sustainable farming practices through stories, recipes, and information all delivered with a dose of fun, entertainment, and original music. Our host, Inga Witscher, is a fourth-generation organic dairy farmer whose knowledge and disarming charm gets even the quietest farmers to join in the conversation. Driven to seek out the best ingredients our region has to offer, Inga is featured in each episode as she gathers what she needs to produce a meal that celebrates our landscape and our appetites. Around the Farm Table. Premiering November 2013, catch the show on your local PBS station.

Inga Witscher, Host A passionate dairy farmer, Inga, along with her husband, Joe Maurer, own and operate a small organic dairy farm near Osseo, Wisconsin. When she’s not setting up pastures for their cows to graze, milking the fifteen Jerseys, making cheese with her father, or indulging her passions for gardening and cooking, Inga collaborates with her team to develop narratives for Around the Farm Table. After growing up on her family’s dairy farm on the West Coast and later making cheese on the East Coast, she is thrilled to now be in the middle of the country, home to truly happy cows and a vibrant agriculture all of which she loves to celebrate Around the Farm Table.

Joe Maurer, Producer Joe is a founding partner of Around the Farm Table and collaborates as a writer, editor, musician, and producer. Outside ATFT, Joe brings experience as an urban designer.  Joe’s passion for landscape led him to work with urban gardens in Eau Claire. See: Forest Street Pavilion and Community Gardens.

Ricky Witscher, Producer Ricky is a founding partner of Around the Farm Table and collaborates as a producer and our lead set designer. Ricky has worked as a professional musician, producer, and performer for television. He brings past experience as a dairy farmer on both coasts. He currently is licensed as a cheese maker in the state of Wisconsin.

Collaborators Peter Eaton, director of photography, brings experience as a photographer, director, and colorist. Peter has written and directed several of his own short films and music videos, notably Sugar Mountain, which was shot in the Chippewa Valley.

Mindful Motions Therapeutic Yoga @ The Center

As yoga gains popularity in the Eau Claire community, it is also gaining international attention as modern science and research are confirming the ancient teachings of yoga. With evidence-based medicine to support yoga, it is now being recognized as a therapeutic modality for everything from heart disease to cancer to work-related stress. Therapeutic yoga seeks to integrate conventional, complementary, and alternative medical systems for the purpose of  health maintenance, prevention, and rehabilitation. Therapeutic yoga is provided by a highly qualified yoga instructor who is also a licensed health care professional. It is holistic, considering every aspect of the body, mind, and spirit.

Heidi Dix, an Eau Claire native and founder of Mindful Motions Yoga, is passionate about bringing safe and effective therapeutic yoga services to the Eau Claire area. Heidi Dix has combined her kinesiology and athletic training degree with the principles of medical yoga to help anyone dealing with pain, suffering, and stress. Heidi makes yoga accessible to people at all levels, creating a safe and comfortable environment to lower stress and pursue balance, healing, and inner strength.

Heidi has been involved with the health and wellness industry for over twenty years.  She has her bachelor’s degree in kinesiology/sports medicine and her master’s degree in education from the University of Wisconsin–Eau Claire. Heidi is a licensed athletic trainer and a registered yoga teacher (RYT 500). For the past nine years, she has served as a therapeutic yoga instructor and wellness educator at Riverview Hospital in Wisconsin Rapids. She currently serves as a master trainer and yoga therapy program director for YogaFit Teacher Training Systems Worldwide.

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