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Green Pages » Nov./Dec. ‘11

Weaver’s: A Holiday Baking Oasis

For those of you who have never been to Weaver’s, you should definitely plan a trip. Along with the holidays, usually comes cooking and baking, and there is no better place to stock up on all your holiday needs than Weaver’s Country Store, located just past the town of Fall Creek, on Hwy 12. Weaver’s is a culinary oasis in the countryside.

Why make several trips to the grocery store for all of your baking necessities when you can make a trip to Weaver’s and fill your pantry for whatever you might need for the entire holiday season. When you walk in you will see homemade crafts and seasonal items, from mums in the fall to picnic tables and Adirondack chairs in the summer. Inside the store is rather simple and easy to navigate, with several rows of bulk packaged items lining the store. Weaver’s features all of your baking needs, but also has seasonal produce, much of which is locally produced.

But when it comes to holiday baking, they really have it all: from regular cane sugar to raw agave nectar, you are sure to find the sweetener you need at a price you’ll love. They have a full line of flours, including the most extensive line of gluten-free products in the area; chocolates—milk, dark, semi-sweet, and also carob products; fillings for pies, cookies, and candies, and all the sprinkles too; nuts to make rich delicious raw or roasted snacks or to add to desserts; an impressive array of dried fruits, including goji berries, dates, mangos, and organic raisins, to name a few; seeds including the power-packed chia and flax; and all the candy items you could dream of putting on a dessert. And don’t forget to stock up on all your herbs and spices too.

When you come to Weaver’s, you are not just saving money, as they have already bought the items in large quantities and packaged them in smaller bulk sizes for you, thus passing the savings on; but, you are also making a vote with your dollar towards a better environment. Less packaging equals less waste, and who doesn’t want more of that?

Weaver’s also features a beautiful frozen foods section that includes items for the folks who just  don’t have the time to bake it all from scratch, but want it to look like they did. Pick up a few ready-to-bake breads, pies, or cookie doughs and be off to your holiday party. They also have a nice selection of frozen fruits and vegetables, including many organic offerings. Whenever I’m there, I always pick up my fair share of fresh water perch and blue gill fillets for fish fries, too. They also have locally grown, free-ranged chickens at a modest price, and local free-range eggs, too.

Head out to Weaver’s to stock up on all your favorites and you’re sure to find a few new things too, as they are always adding to their huge selection of bulk items. Check them out. Your holiday guests will thank you, and probably ask you to take them there.

Blue Ray Reiki

My story begins in Eau Claire and it continues here. I floated through Eau Claire’s public schools and I graduated from North High in 1992. I have attended post-secondary schools in the area and have two degrees. I have worked in manufacturing for 16 years and my life up to this point has been okay, but not really fulfilling. My entire life I have always felt that our world is just too much “noise”, overwhelming and very confusing. I have fit in, so to speak. I’ve done school, gotten a real job–all the normal stuff; but I’ve never been okay with who I really am in relation to how things operate here on Earth. My confusion and uneasiness has been rooted in my deep desire to just help others, but it has always been overshadowed by what I see in our world on the large scale: fierce competition, negativity, dysfunction and mistrust.

Recently, I have begun to wake up. I have consciously chosen to shift my life to help others to a larger extent. I have remembered my purpose here and it feels incredibly comfortable and fulfilling. You see, I have always wanted to start some sort of business and at the same time really help people. When I first experienced Reiki, I was immediately excited and I knew I wanted it to be a large part of my life. Finally, the business idea and the need to really help others came together. Now, as a Reiki Master/Teacher, I do Reiki sessions for people, cats, and dogs in the Eau Claire area as a business. I absolutely love it. Reiki is a powerful energy-based healing art that can reduce stress, improve sleep, and reduce healing time. Reiki is my labor of love.

Stuart Johnson is a Reiki Master/Teacher and Indigo Child. He owns Blue Ray Reiki in the Eau Claire area. For more information contact him at (715) 514-7762 or

Lemongrass Spa

Want fresh, handmade natural spa treats? Lemongrass Spa products are for you. As women, we are often so busy taking care of others that we forget to take care of ourselves! Lemongrass Spa offers skin care products and mineral make up that is safe, affordable, and immensely enjoyable. We select only the highest grade ingredients to go onto your skin and test our products on people, NOT animals. We care about people and help our clients choose products that are right for them. With your health always at the forefront, we are 100% Chemical FREE…No mineral oil, phthalates, alcohol, sodium lauryl sulfate, parabens, talc, carmine, bismuth, oxychloride, or glycols to name a few. With consultants in the Eau Claire area, you can be pampered in your own home with friends and family or simply purchase the perfect gift for someone this holiday season. Contact us today!

715-879-4225 or

A World Away, Here at Home

Do you ever find yourself wishing to be a world away? Even for just a little while? Escape to Lotus Spa in  Eau Claire. From your first step into the entry, you are met with flowers in beautiful bowls seemingly suspended in air. They are reminiscent of the blossoms that float on a pond of calm water, and are framed within the shape of the lotus petal.

The focus on serenity is evident and your transformation is further encouraged as you are invited to take a luxuriously thick and cozy robe that is offered as attire for your stay. The decision is yours as to whether you prefer to change in the gender-specific locker room and linger in a wonderfully private steam room within each locker facility. Your belongings are safely tucked away while you enjoy a rain shower or proceed into the Lotus Sanctuary to relax and reflect.

In the sanctuary you find that the most relaxed position is the one that is most encouraged by the furnishings. The shape of the room is the lotus petal, encouraging you to focus within, on your own center of well being from where your calm begins. It is easy to imagine yourself as the blossom floating on the pond if you close your eyes and focus on the sound of the moving water emitting from the floor to ceiling water feature. Plan ahead to arrange one of the healthy luncheon selections to enjoy in the bistro area. Or simply partake of a healthy snack with a cup of herbal tea or a tall glass of water. At your appointment time, a clinician will appear to escort you to your treatment room and ensconce you in further luxurious experiences.

That’s where we’ll leave the description. The rest is up to you…You have many choices at Lotus Spa, whether you have a little time, or an entire day. Take some time to peruse the website. Call the concierge with any questions. Book an appointment for the Lotus Experience during which, for a small cost, you can simply spend some time immersed in the environment without any particular service appointment while you are there. Most of all come early, get into the mode of relaxation, gather your focus, and immerse yourself in the serenity of Lotus Spa.

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