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Green Pages » May/June ‘13

Brain Health: Functional Neurology

Why do you have chronic neck and/or back pain, fibromyalgia, ADD/ADHD, neuropathy, vertigo/dizziness, joint disorders/arthritis, dyslexia, autism, Asperger’s syndrome, or scoliosis? Then to top it all off, why do you also have  trouble sleeping, depression, anxiety, difficulty making simple decisions, or a lack of desire to face your day?

Your Brain May Hold the Key!

In a healthy brain, all the regions exist in a state of balance. When one region is active, the others quiet down. New studies have shown that people with chronic pain or conditions have a portion of the brain, the cortex, which “never shuts up,” failing to deactivate when it should. Essentially, your brain is stuck on full throttle. This continuous activity in your brain affects your ability to cope and your perception of pain.

Balance Your Brain!

Brain health, functional neurology, is the key to wellness. You can balance your brain with 1) medication or 2) natural methods. Natural methods include: a functional neurological exam, chiropractic adjustments, neurofeedback/biofeedback, and possibly nutritional supplementation.

How Does It Work?

Healthy brain function is dependent on equal function of the two halves of the brain.  When you suffer from emotional stress (who doesn’t?), injuries, and/or poor nutrition, the two sides of the brain become out of balance, creating poor capacity for the body to function properly, which may result in increased pain and disease.

When the brain is in balance through chiropractic adjustments, neurofeedback, biofeedback, nutritional supplementation, and other natural methods, patients often report improved thinking, as well as improvement in relief of chronic pain.

How Quickly Can You See Results?

Your improvement depends on the severity and length of time you have had the imbalances.

We Can Help You at Optima Health & Vitality Center

Drs. Bircher and Bauer have taken the functional neurology courses through the Carrick Institute, and they recognize the neurological signs that indicate brain/central nervous system imbalance. The doctor will examine your brain’s function and help you improve it with non-invasive, natural methods so that you can achieve your healthiest life—now!

UW-EC’s Host Friend Program

The University of Wisconsin–Eau Claire’s Host Friend program is an opportunity for people across the Chippewa Valley to experience a small piece of the world in their own home.  As a Host Friend, you will be the first friendly face seen by a newly arrived international student and you will set a solid foundation for the rest of their experience here in the United States.

“They came into my life a little more than 3 months ago and even though I am traveling 6,500 miles back to Denmark, they will still be a part of my life.  I cannot thank my host friends enough.” —International Student, Denmark

As a Host Friend, you will provide a 2-4 day homestay for an international student, all while developing a friendship that will last a lifetime!  Host Friends introduce the new students to American life through various exciting and fun activities that can range from a simple conversation over coffee, to a day or weekend trip somewhere in the region; the possibilities are endless.

Volunteer to be a Host Friend today and join the now over 450 active community and internationally minded folks from the Chippewa Valley!  UW–Eau Claire’s international student population is increasing each semester, and so is our need for Host Friends.

“Thanks to all of you who already participate and who will participate in this program.  There are no words to express the gratitude that we have for all you do…thank you!”  —International Student, France

For more information and to apply, please contact the Host Friend Coordinator, Michael Buenger.  715-836-4411

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