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Green Pages | March/April 2010

Seattle Pride Coffee House

Dr. Oz says, the benefits of Chia Seeds are awesome. Now we want you to know about more super foods!

• Goji Berries – Possibly the highest antioxidant food on earth, 18 amino acids, 21 trace minerals, vitamins B1, B2, B6, and E. More beta-carotene than carrots, more iron than spinach, improves stamina and endurance. Treat them like raisins or make your own juice!

• Maca Powder (mah-cah) – Contains 60 potent nutrients, packed with essential minerals, 18 Amino acids. Increases stamina, combats fatigue, regulates stress factors, is a natural hormone balancer for men & women and is known to boost libido.

• Noni Powder – Known to be an immune booster – effective against bacteria and fungus.

• Acai Berry ( ahh-sigh-ee) Powder – May be the number one super food. Rich in fiber, supports healthy joints and healthy inflammatory processes. Helps mental function and concentration. High levels of vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, C & E, calcium, iron, magnesium and potassium.

• Mangosteen Powder – Promotes cardiovascular health, has anti-viral and naturally anti-biotic compounds. Has anti-inflammatory (cox-2 inhibitor like Vioxx & Celebrex but without side effects.)

• Chlorella Powder (clore-ella) – More benefits than wheat grass, barley or alfalfa.

• Spirulina (Spy-roo-lina) Powder – Better source of protein than beef/soybeans.

• Mesquite Powder – Balances blood sugar levels. A digestible protein and vegan pro-biotic. May speed up weight loss.

• Pomegranate Powder – May help in menopausal symptoms (naturally occurring form of estrogen.) Helps men with impotency and helps protect against prostate cancer.

• Hemp Powder – Contains 20 known nutrients/amino acids. Stabilizes blood sugar. Packed with 50% protein. Chocked full of energy, sweet, smooth, and delicious.

• Bee Pollen Powder – Increases energy and boosts the immune system.

• Camu Camu Powder – Has 600 times more vitamin C than oranges.

• Gota Kola Powder – Known as “The Fountain of Life.” Supports vein integrity, improves memory, revitalizes nerves, improves reflexes, calms stomach, reduces swelling, may be used as a sedative.

• Dandelion Root Powder – Known as the blood purifier.

• Ginkgo Leaf Powder – Known to improve general health of the brain.

Most powders recommended daily intake is one teaspoon. Get more detailed information on all of these wonderful super food powders at:

Seattle Pride Coffee House 3225 Lorch Avenue (open to the public and located in the Gold’s Gym) 715-514-4599

Note: Chia seeds and Goji Berries dropped my husband, Dennis’, cholesterol 70 points in 2½ months! See what super powders can do for you!We make no claims of cures; check with your doctor when adding new foods to your diet.

That’s Adorable

Thats’ adorable! I hear that all day long, but then I’m at, That’s Adorable!, an upscale children’s boutique with new and very gently used items. Located in downtown Eau Claire, at 129 N. Barstow, across from the Post Office. A guest was in the other day and she was on her cell phone telling her friend, “I’m at this great new store , ‘thats affordable’”.  It is very afforable, but our rule is it all has to be in great condition and adorable.

I started the store in October of 2008 with my Buckaroo bibs, which are bandana bibs my Mom made for us when we were little. She called them spaghetti bibs so you can wear them even as adults. They are 100% cotton and seem to  last forever. We still have some Mom made us. They just get softer and softer.

We have storytime daily from 10:30-10:50am. I have a passion for children’s literature, and believe children should be raised in a language-rich environment. We are happy to be another place for kids to read.We have hardcover books for only $2 and paperbacks for $1.

We love to celebrate the holidays and are always adding special storytime events with local authors more. Stop in and check us out! We are also on Facebook; please become a fan.

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