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Green Pages » March/April ‘11

Acupuncture for Wellness

If something is not working for you, sometimes you have to try something different. Why not Acupuncture? It has worked for thousands of years! Take the time; it’s your life.

I specialize in Pain Management and other problems. I am well trained in nine different styles of Acupuncture as well as two styles that do not use needles. The goal of this clinic is to decrease your symptoms by 50% or more in the first visit. I also use herbal formulations, nutritional supplements, and counseling to aid in your healing process. I graduated from Midwest College of Oriental Medicine in Racine, Wisconsin and was a Clinical Supervisor at Midwest College. I have advanced training from Guangzhou University in China in Traditional Chinese Medicine. I have worked with hospice and Special Forces. My Motto is: Life is Better, When you Feel BETTER!

Acupuncture for Wellness offers these services: Acupuncture, Cupping, Gua Sha, Custom Herbal Formulas, Moxabustion, and Liniments.

I offer a free consultation over the phone or in person. Appointments are accepted by phone or email. SPECIALTIES include: pain management, back and disc problems, Fibromyalgia, digestion/intestinal issues, allergies, arthritis, colds, coughs and flus, depression/anxiety, diet and nutrition, emotional well-being, headache/migraine, muscle aches, sprains and strains, pediatric/healthy kids, sleep, and stress issues.

Casey Castona, Acupuncturist, M.S.O.M., L.Ac, Dipl.AC., B.S. in Nutrition, C.A. 616 South Farwell St, Eau Claire (715) 379-6429 / /

Tooskies Baby Gear

Tooskies is really the labor of love of my sister and I. We are dedicated to offering only the best of the best products in our shop. Once you start exploring the jungle of cloth diapers available, you will find that there are thousands of options. We have tried many of them, and chose to carry the styles and brands that continue to perform the best.

In our shop, you will find all styles of diapers, from traditional prefolds to pocket or sleeve diapers, plus the newest hybrid designs like contours. We are proud to carry brands that we have personally used and loved, including: Thirsties (a solid and popular choice all around), Bottombumpers (a great option for a trimmer fit), Kissaluvs (they offer fantastic newborn diapers) and Happy Heiny’s (a staple in the cloth diapering world).

Aside from diapers, we are excited to be the area’s only location to offer some of the best baby carriers around, including Baby Hawk, Lovey Duds, and Moby wraps. We also have products for mama! GLAMOURMOM tank tops were our favorite nursing tanks and we are happy to have them in stock, along with Undercover Mama, and Lusa Organics.

Since no two babies are alike, we are eager to help you find what products will work the best for you and your family! Whether your little one is made of frogs, snails, and puppy dog tails or sugar, spice and everything nice (which I still question the validity of), Tooskies can help you find the best baby gear…From head to rear.

Ashley Score lives in Boyceville.  Her daughter, Layla, is 2 and was the inspiration for Tooskies. She was cloth diapered from 3 months on and potty trained before her 2nd birthday.

Morgan Fedderly lives in Altoona. Her daughter, Signey, is 7 months old and is currently enjoying her position as “Head Tushy Tester” for Tooskies.

Tooskies is set to open their brick and mortar location in Menomonie by March 2011. In the meantime you can make an appointment to shop in person, get more information, or shop online at

Sioux Creek Wellness Nutrition Education & Yoga

Sioux Creek Wellness began with nutrition and yoga classes at my in-home studio in Chetek. It has expanded to the Eau Claire area as well, where I am offering regular nutrition classes at Camille’s Sidewalk Cafe-just off Hwy 53 in Chippewa Falls. I also teach on-site nutrition classes for health and wellness professionals and their patients or clients, and the general public at a variety of locations.

Educating people on improving their health through good nutrition is truly my passion. My journey in helping people with their health began with teaching nutrition to middle and high school students. Now, as a Certified Health Educator & Health Coach, I offer science based nutrition classes that teach people how to live a healthier life. I also offer individual health coaching to provide additional education and support.

Through The Wellness Forum Institute for Health Studies, I had the amazing opportunity to study with world renowned leaders—such as Dr. T. Colin Campbell and Dr. Caldwell Essylsten—who are helping people prevent and reverse their health issues by changing their diet. As a Certified Diet and Lifestyle Intervention Practitioner, I teach for The Wellness Forum, whose programs are recognized worldwide.

The education I provide is based on reliable science and on making lifestyle changes that provide long-term health benefits. I teach people how to eat to truly be healthy as well as how to evaluate health and nutrition information. I find that people are confused when it comes to nutrition—as they are bombarded by mis-information. It has become my mission to help people sort through all the myths and learn the truth about what dietary excellence looks like–helping them work toward it at whatever pace they are comfortable with.

My website contains more information on me and the education I provide, upcoming classes, as well as yoga class times.

True Blue Housekeeping…

…is a local business that uses only natural products and methods to clean homes and businesses in the chippewa valley.  We are here to help you make the adjustment to a greener way of living everyday. These methods are hypo-allergenic, effective, and environmentally sound. Our products are safe enough to eat, leaving no harmful residue or pollutants on surfaces or into the water system. Yet, they are strong enough to disinfect and get problem areas clean and keep them clean. Residue from other commercial cleaners can soak in through your skin or is in the air that you breathe. When we are finished, everything is truly clean. There is little to no carry-over from place to place as we use a top of the line hepa-filtered vacuum that keeps in the dust it collects and do not use any germ collecting tools such as sponges. Our products are made from bulk and we do not use anything readily disposable making for very low waste. We offer many additional ways to give your business a green story and you won’t have to lift a finger.  In the home we can be scheduled for regular upkeep or simply when needed. We can also help with special cleaning projects around the home and offer pre-paid punch cards with discounted hours that you may use when needed. This is a must for homes and businesses built with many natural or sensitive materials, any one with allergies or discomfort caused from animal dander or chemicals, and those who feel they don’t have the time or energy to find the right green methods for the upkeep of their home or business. Please call or email today to get an estimate.

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