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Green Pages » July/August ‘12

Everlasting Embrace

Everlasting Embrace provides handcrafted prayer shawls and baby blankets made out of a specially processed yarn produced from recycled plastic bottles that can be used for the following:

• Funeral remembrance in lieu of flowers • Providing comfort during an illness • Wedding or shower gift • An expectant mother, birth of a child, or as a christening blanket • Elderly or nursing home individuals as a homelike, respectful shawl or a lap robe

With a lifelong passion for knitting and crocheting, Laura Cox, owner and founder of Everlasting Embrace, found joy in making personal treasures for family and friends. Working in health care as a registered dietitian for over 30 years, she understands the comfort a special handcrafted gift can mean to someone going through challenging moments in life.

All pieces are made with loving thoughts and care being sent with each piece. Those who receive shawls and blankets may gain peace and inner strength, keeping them as a cherished token for years to come.

When you want to give a creative personalized gift, give an Everlasting Embrace shawl or blanket lovingly made with your special person in mind.

Bee Rescued Propolis Care

Bee Rescued Propolis Care products were designed with only two rules in mind: these products have to work and they have to be pure. All of our products rely upon the timeless and awesome power of propolis to take away pain any time there is a need.

Purity is important; these days it is scarce to find. We, however, believe it to be cherished. Our honeybees are raised with purity in mind. Bee Rescued Propolis Care is the only line of personal care products that is made from hive products harvested from 100% chemical-free hives. Our products are the only products that are 100% pure and natural. Nobody else can make such a claim. This is because of our strict stance that nothing will ever be put into our hives that did not already come out of them.

This same adherence to purity flows into our manufacturing process and our business philosophy as well. All of our formulas were developed to be effective in their designed task. Our ingredients were researched to be synergistic for maximum benefit. You see, all of our products were designed for either family members or close friends. This means that you can be sure our products will work the way they were intended to.

Our business philosophy is simple. Integrity matters. This is why we have chosen to keep our prices as low as possible so that the folks who need our products most will always be able to purchase them. It also means that we are dedicated to giving back a portion of our profits towards nurturing and empowering widows and orphans around the world. Quite simply, we are a family company producing the finest family product in effort to be a blessing.

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