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Getting to Know – Sunrider International

Since 1982, Sunrider International has helped people around the world improve their lifestyle and well-being. Sunrider researches, develops, and self-manufactures over 400 earth-friendly products in the areas of nutrition, cosmetics, skin care, personal care, and household products. As a “product of the product” for seventeen years, I can personally attest to the high quality of the company and their products and the life-changing responses I have experienced.

Sunrider’s approach to health is to use the right combination of foods to nourish and cleanse the body—to keep a balance between yin and yang.

All Sunrider products, be it the foods, cosmetics, or toothpaste, are based on the Philosophy of Regeneration. By using this philosophy as a blueprint, Sunrider products help keep the systems of the body—endocrine, respiratory, digestive, circulatory, and immune—in balance, just as the five elements—fire, metal, earth, water, wood—keep the universe in harmony.

An excellent example of Sunrider’s quality and philosophy is the product Sunny Dew. Many companies are marketing Stevia products, but Sunrider’s Sunny Dew is very different. Other brands commonly use a chemical reaction to process Stevia, altering its natural structure. However, Sunrider uses a special extraction and concentration process to preserve the natural structure found in its whole food form and therefore enhance its benefits Containing zero calories, the natural extract makes an excellent flavor enhancer and is also used to help maintain normal blood-sugar levels.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or preve

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