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Gardeners Beware: The Dangers of Pesticides

by Dr Michael Court, Naturopath and Health Educator

There is nothing that pleases those with green thumbs more than the arrival of spring. Life is sprouting on the budding trees, flowers, and garden plants. You can almost begin to taste those first vegetables out of the garden. Gardeners beware; those pesticides that seem so harmless and useful may be negatively affecting the soil, your health, and the health of your loved ones.

Pesticides are mainly used by gardeners to kill insects that threaten our trees and garden plants. The pesticide is usually applied through spraying or shaking. So what is the problem? Although the trees, plants, and produce are saved, the pesticide residue is still on and in the food we eat. This residue eventually reaches the colon and builds up toxicity in the body. Pesticides kill insects by neurologically affecting them. DANGER: Pesticides poison humans as well and affect our brains and nervous systems.

How can we reduce the amount of toxic pesticides we ingest?

Washing and peeling produce does help, but it does not clear it away completely. Peeling is also helpful, but the pesticide can also be throughout heavily sprayed produce. Growing or purchasing organic food is always best; however, sometimes this is not a financially feasible option for everyone.

We see patients in our office that have been affected by pesticides being sprayed on local fields, from flea spray use inside the home, or insecticides being used in their own gardens. This toxic internal buildup can be from products such as Round-Up, Chlordane, DDT, and others. Some studies suggest they may not only cause long-term damage to cognitive abilities and neurological function, but also kill the organisms and nutrients in our soil. Don’t let your health be negatively impacted by pesticide toxicity! Find the cause and restore your health with Nutrition Response Testing Today.

Dr. Court is a naturopath, chiropractor, and health educator. He promotes local health events and wellness fairs and writes on a variety of topics related to wellness. He may be reached at Chippewa Valley Wellness at (715) 723-2713 or on the web at

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