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Garden Vinyasa

Here is an example of how you might work down a row:

1. Standing at the beginning of the row, press your feet down into the earth. As you inhale, lift your arms out to the sides and spread and reach your fingers while you exhale. As you inhale again, reach your arms up over your head, turning the palms toward each other. Reach up while you press your feet down for a couple breaths. As you exhale, swan dive down, bending at  the hips, bending your knees so that your belly comes close to your thighs, and let your head hang down.

2. Come down into a squat, or place your little garden stool behind you, and bring your sit bones down onto it. Work the part of the row you can reach.

3. Come onto your hands and knees. Take a moment to line up your spine so that your imaginary tail reaches straight out behind you and your head aligns so that you are looking at the ground just in front of your hands. Then pick up your right hand and hold for a breath without moving anything else. Put the right and down and repeat with the left. If you can do some weeding or picking with one hand at a time, go for it. If what you are working on requires two hands, sit and work the area next to you.

4. Crawl forward to access the next part of the row and repeat the squat/sit/or hands and knees work a few times.

5. From hands and knees, press your hands down and lift your thighs back and up into downward facing dog pose. Stay a few breaths, then step your feet forward, root your feet and come up to standing, reaching your arms overhead as in step 1, and begin again.

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