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We believe we have a unique placement among the “Natural/Organic” body care category for your stores that provide women with a product choice of Organic, Hand Made body care products that are less expensive than competitive products in this category, plus the benefit of contributing to a cause that will affect one out of three women. Our product formulator (Sandy Maine), is the original product developer of the Burt’s Bees line of products and has been developing natural, organic personal care products for twenty-eight years. One of our principle goals is to have this product line available all year, not just in October, Breast Cancer Awareness Month!  Below are some key points towards our efforts for your review.

• We are about creating more awareness & educating women about regular self-examination to help prevent the spread of breast cancer. • Deaths from breast cancer are on the rise; 1 out of 3 women will experience this disease. • Pink Ribbon Naturals will help expand this awareness in the Wisconsin markets, a small effort for sure, but still very important. • We offer an all-natural, organic line of personal body care products for women that provides a gentle, daily reminder for self-examination. • Our non-profit campaign will make contributions to local hospitals and foundations to fund breast cancer research. • PRN is a socially responsible women-owned company. • The products are handmade and certified as  “Made in The U.S.A.”, with more than 80% of all components made in the U.S., and with a minimum of a 75% certified organic formulation. • There is no skin care product that delivers this cause- related message to women in retail stores today with an organic formula at these prices. • We are running ad placements in the Gannett newspapers in WI along with articles about “Breast Cancer” in an October issue in many U.S. markets, with monthly ads over the next year. • Our goal is to place Pink Ribbon products in local retail stores in 2012.  We are prepared to provide samples and brochures to consumers to increase awareness for the brand.

With over thirty five years of experience in the CPG industry, we realize the difficulty of placing new products in retail stores and the high failure rate associated with this endeavor.  We already have placement in many stores in Wisconsin, more added weekly.  Our overhead is low, we work with The Opportunity Development Centers here in WI to bottle and package product, helping them transition into the work place and to help assemble our products. Our plan is to grow the product line slowly, develop a grass roots consumer following in the Midwest markets.

We hope you will give us the opportunity to reach out to your consumers with a product we believe they will enjoy and also deliver to a cause that is important to women everywhere.

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