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Editor’s Note » July/August ‘10

Being 9 months pregnant as this issue went together, there’s no wonder our staff and myself put a lot of emphasis on babies, having babies, raising babies, and keeping them healthy and safe. For those who are trying to have a baby, we have Dealing with PCOS Naturally by Patricia Wickman and for those already pregnant, Lori Heck has a great article on Prenatal Exercises for Mama, so you and baby can stay healthy and energized throughout pregnancy. This issue also focuses our attention on getting the right help, advice, and support during pregnancy with our special section on Midwives/Doulas in the Chippewa Valley. We were blessed to have such wonderful contributors to this section. If you have further questions for our contributors, they are only a phone call away and always ready and willing to lend a kind word or some well needed advice.

In addition to loads of baby and mamma care, we also have wonderfully written articles on beauty without cruelty as well as how to reduce your carbon footprint this summer.

So, we hope you enjoy this issue.  Happy Reading.

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