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Eco Dry

Plant it

Water it Don’t just toss ‘em! You can use them for multiple loads or around the house for dusting your TV screen, removing hair from pets, furniture and clothing and eliminating the musty smell from books. Try an alternative! Make your own with reusable rags dipped in essential oils. This can add a natural good smell to your freshly laundered clothes. Get the static out before it begins. Remove your clothes from the dryer about five minutes before they are totally dry. Keeping clothes in the dryer past their “done” time is the No. 1 cause of static.

Grow it Make an organic cotton sachet filled with dried herbs like lavender. These are great gifts and can serve as multiple use ‘dryer sheets’. Offer to help a friend with their laundry, and share some green tips while you’re at it. Make a “Green Your Wash” challenge and invite your friends to participate. Organize the goals of what you want to accomplish (natural cleaners, smaller loads, less water, cut back on dryer sheets, etc.). Decide on a due date, and then come together and share your progress. You can even make it a contest for a little added motivation.More info at

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