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De-Stress Your Pet this Holiday

Do you get just a little stressed out during the holiday season, what with the shopping and the cooking and the entertaining? Well, if you do, how do you think your pets feel since they don’t even know what is going on? They just know there are strange people coming in their home, tinsel on the tree that looks quite yummy and maybe they’re even getting yelled at to get out of the kitchen, their most favorite room in the house!!

There are definitely things you can do to help ease that stress if you truly care about your beloved fur companion.  One of the best go-to remedies is essential oil. However, you have to be careful how it is used, especially with cats who cannot process most oils. Lavender is the best to start with if you have a multi-species home, as it is one oil that cats do not have a problem with.  Use either directly by rubbing a drop on the ears of your pet, or in a diffuser for a full-room treatment. It might even help you! Valerian, chamomile and Young Living’s Peace and Calming are very good oils for dogs and horses, but not cats.

Probiotics are a must during times of stress, as they will help decrease the incidence of diarrhea and lower GI issues caused by anxiety.  They should be started at least two weeks prior to the stressful event such as boarding, a party, etc. and continued at least two weeks after. Probiotics regulate the system and are generally important for gut and systemic health.  Some herbs that might be handy to keep around are slippery elm, peppermint and rosemary, all of which can settle digestive upset and sooth an irritable bowel.

Please remember your furry family members this holiday season and keep an eye out for stress-related illness or behavior issues.  They will thank you for it.


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