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Books for Explaining Dementia to Kids

Amazon has the following user friendly books available for explaining dementia to children. Reviews have been edited for space.

Grandma and Me: A Kid’s Guide for Alzheimer’s and Dementia

by Beatrice Tauber Prior Psy.D., Mary Ann Drummond RN, Julia Walther

This is an engaging, yet informative book for young children on the topics of Alzheimer’s and dementia with beautiful artwork to capture children’s attention and tell a story. It offers a gentle, age appropriate description of Alzheimer’s disease, while providing tools for a relationship with a loved one despite the disease.


Great Nanny Doesn't Remember Me: Dementia Explained To Kids

by William G Bentrim

Dementia is a general term for a decline in mental ability severe enough to interfere with daily life. i.e. memory loss. It is frightening to everyone. All dementia is not Alzheimer's, but it is the most common type. It runs from memory lapses to absolute confusion. Kids are resilient when given good explanations for confusing issues in their lives. This book does a good job.


Gigi, Are You In There?: Mia Learns About Alzheimer's

by Pam Reese, Eli Bavar

This beautifully-illustrated story is a great teaching tool for kids as it explains the devastating affliction Alzheimer’s disease. It is a confusing and difficult time to see strange behavior and memory loss in a loved one. Mia’s story shows how grandmother may show confusion: exhibit odd behavior and loss of memory, but still love her.


My Grandpa and Mr. Alzheimer: a Fairy Tale for the Young and The Old

by Epi Michi-Zeggou, Stavros Xirouchakis, Theodosia Kotsika, Kleri Bakoura

This tale is written with love and respect to inform and educate families struck by dementia. Clarity, simplicity and a flowing narrative style is used to describe the disease through a fairytale about a grandson’s dream, making sense of the symptoms and baffling behaviors of a beloved grandfather.

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