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Book Review: Secrets to Controlling Your Weight, Cravings and Mood

Before my passion for nutrition came along, I had a passion for donuts. I was an athlete and thought I could get away with eating what I wanted, as long as I worked out. NOT TRUE. Even though I ate enough calories, I was starving myself, specifically, I was starving my brain. My stomach was filled with “substance” but my brain kept telling me to eat; our bodies are smart, they make us crave certain nutrients we need.

For 90% of dieters, a deficiency in one of four essential brain chemicals can cause weight gain, fatigue, and stress. The solution to losing weight doesn’t lie in deprivation diets; it lies in balancing our neurotransmitters.

1. Serotonin influences appetite. 2. GABA curbs emotional eating 3. Acetylcholine regulates fat storage 4. Dopamine controls metabolism

When these brain chemicals are balanced, our bodies are more able to lose those extra pounds. Not only does this book cover how to find out which brain chemical you may be lacking, but directs you towards which foods will increase them, what supplements would be best for your body AND recipes that taste great and will keep all the brain chemicals happy!

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