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Balanced Living » July/August ‘14

Remembering to water your container veggies and potted flowers can be tough. But you could save loads of time and water by setting up a self-irrigation system for your container plants.

Sounds tricky, right? It actually couldn’t be simpler. All you’ll need is scissors, a plastic bottle, a hand shovel, and about five minutes to get the job done.

To Make One: 1. Using scissors, carefully cut out the bottom of the plastic bottle. Remove the bottle cap and set it aside for recycling. 2. Use a hand shovel to dig a 6-inch-deep hole in the potted plant of your choice, as far away from the plant as possible to avoid damaging roots. 3. Place your plastic bottle in the hole, bottleneck end down. Use your hands to pack soil around the bottle so that it stands upright. 4. Fill the bottle with water as needed, and watch it slowly seep into the soil, saving you time and nurturing your thirsty plants. For a more advanced self-watering container, go to and type “self-watering container” into the site’s search function.

One of a Kind

Toothfairy Pillow:

Everyone Brushes Their Teeth, Right?

What if your used toothpaste tube could become a park bench?  Did you know you can earn money for your favorite charity or school by recycling your dental products?  With the teamwork of Tom’s of Maine and TerraCycle you can earn money today.  Together, we’ll transform packaging waste, regardless of brand, into useful, new products and lighten the load on landfills. Toothpaste tubes, deodorant containers, plastic soap wrappers, mouthwash bottles and dental floss containers.  All brands accepted, not just Tom’s.  Go to today to find out more on how to join, collect, and save the Earth.

Compost Secrets

To help your compost get roasting, add 1-2 inches of torn up egg carton or cardboard in the bottom of your pot then add green scraps.  When emptied into the bin, a balance of green, browns and water will already be there for good aerobic (non-smelly) “cooking”.

Chagrin Valley Soap

For Baby… Specially formulated organic baby salve with gentle healing herbs, antifungal wildcrated myrrh and anti-inflammatory evening primrose oil to provide effective gentle protection and help soothe and calm baby’s sensitive skin.

For Baby or Mama… Chagrin Valley Baby Me! Body & Massage Oil is a gentle, safe and natural formulation of organic calendula-infused sunflower oil and organic jojoba oil.  A great natural oil for a loving, soothing baby massage.

For Everyone… Our Castile soap is 95 percent organic extra virgin olive oil and 5 percent moisturizing organic sunflower oil. Extra-virgin olive oil contains high levels of natural squalane and penetrates deeply to hold in moisture.

Happenings in the Valley July 10 & August 14 Western Wisconsin Childbirth Coalition: Natural Rhythms of Labor and Birth 6:30 p.m., Camille’s Sidewalk Café, 1120 122nd Street, Chippewa Falls. Monthly educational topics for all women in their childbearing years, their partners, and the professionals who serve them.
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