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Antibiotics: What You Should Know Before Taking

by Judy Soborowicz

Bacteria are the omnipotent creators of ill health in our bodies according to societal paradigms, but are they truly that awful?

Bacteria help us create energy, grab nutrients from our food, and assist our bodies with a host of many other functions, including being an important key to the proper functioning of our immune system. We are, as human beings, dependent upon the bacteria in our gut, on our skin, and throughout our body for survival on this planet. The human body is made up of one human cell per ten bacteria! These bacteria are much smaller but do indeed out-number us, ten bacteria to one human cell. Bacteria are an essential part of our expression of life. Respect for and action toward preserving and nurturing our internal and external ecosystem has been proven to enhance our adaptability and survivability.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) advises medical practitioners and patients alike emphatically to avoid inappropriate use of antibiotics: “There are risks involved including creating a very vulnerable condition throughout your body by destruction of your own host bacteria,” the CDC states. Antibiotics are very necessary, in more limited cases, than one may imagine. If you doctor is encouraging you not to take a course of antibiotics for a health issue, DO NOT! Studies have shown an increase in prescriptions written when the parent of a patient or the patient themselves put pressure on the doctor to prescribe an unnecessary antibiotic. As a patient, you can choose to treat or not; there are several options your doctor may encourage you to opt into, the primary being a “watch and wait” approach.

Explore alternatives to antibiotics, alternative therapies that are effective in helping your body heal without harming the bacterial ecosystem of your immune system. Chiropractic adjustments focus on the nerve system to enhance all systems of the body, including the immune system. This is one reason why studies show chiropractic patients experience fewer health problems overall and need fewer medications to stay well. Chiropractic doctors are an excellent resource for enhancing and maintaining wellness naturally. Along with giving spinal adjustments, many chiropractors have experience with effective immune-boosting dietary choices or traditional remedies. There are options allowing you to avoid the perils that come along with widespread overuse and inappropriate use of antibiotics.

Position your body with your “by design” adaptable immune system against the increase in antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Your own bacteria, in concert with your immune system, can adapt and change as rapidly as the resistant bacteria. This adaptability happens constantly and rapidly, allowing defense against a variety of bacterial strains. Antibiotics do not adapt like your immune system does, thus the term antibiotic resistant. Not every immune system challenge (sickness) is a call for rescue. Each challenge you allow your immune system to process, allows it to adapt by fighting it off naturally and enhancing your adaptability. Building the adaptability of your own immune function and safeguarding your “good” bacteria by making effective alternative choices leaves you in better condition to hold fast against the inevitable future sicknesses that your body will encounter.

Many people have utilized antibiotics but may not understand the importance of reversing the long-term negative effects. Antibiotics kill bacteria in your body, and once they are no longer there, these bacteria can no longer protect you from an invasion of your body. Your immune system is designed to keep you from being a vulnerable victim of any random circulating bacteria or germ.

If it is not working as designed and you have to resort to antibiotic help for every infection you get, this is a sign that you may have lost the robust benefit of your own natural immunity. Every person who is exposed to “bad” bacteria does not get sick. Some have become better hosts than others. The objective is to make yourself a poor host by building your immune system. Supplementation with a high-quality probiotic is essential in any person whose immune system has been compromised with inappropriate antibiotic use. Preserving the bacteria in our developing ecosystem by avoiding unnecessary use of antibiotics is best wherever possible. Adding probiotic foods such as kefir, yogurt, and fermented foods to our regular healthy diet encourages bacterial balance. Our bacteria are priceless and designed to encourage a proper and effective immune defense, and this translates to greater adaptability and overall health.

Judy Soborowicz practices chiropractic and nutrition at Active Health along with her husband John.  She enjoys writing, researching and lecturing on topics concerning chiropractic, healthcare and experience gained along the way.

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