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Your Pantry’s Hidden Healers

Natural healers usually work best when paired with the power of other natural healers. It’s a good idea to combine treatments instead of expecting quick healing from a remedy used in isolation.

Dive into your cupboards for everything it takes to pair cool, herb-infused baths and compresses with direct applications of soothing skin repair creams and light, natural oils…

Black Tea: The tannins in black tea will zap the heat and pain from your burn. Brew the tea until dark (an indicator that the tannins are released), cool it, and add to cool bath water. Witch Hazel: The astringency will help to reduce swelling and inflammation. Add 1 – 2 cups to cool bath water. Incorporate these soothing herbal oils into bath water or a compress soak: Chamomile: Add 20 drops to bath water. Lavender: Add 20 drops to bath water. Once the burn begins to subside, gradually apply these directly to unbroken skin: Calendula: Calendula is credited with speedy wound healing and stimulating new skin cells, in addition to offering anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial power. Find organic creams and oils without many additives for direct application, or tinctures to add to baths. Comfrey: Comfrey comes equipped with allantoin, a natural, wound healing agent that stimulates the formation of healthy tissue. Look for comfrey salves, teas, or juices at your local health food store, or brew a tea from root and apply it to the affected area with a cotton ball or soft wash cloth. Do not apply to broken skin or open blisters. Vitamin E capsules: Take internally for healing from the inside out.

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