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Trinity Equestrian Center’s New Chapter

By Becky Streeter

Trinity Equestrian Center has been changing lives for over twenty years through Equine Assisted Therapy, Youth Mentoring, therapeutic riding, and trainings. Their vision from day one has been to make a difference in the health and growth of their community members. With that goal ever present in their minds and business model, Trinity has kicked off their next chapter with a new Executive Director and Board President, Ian Mattson.

Mattson started working at Trinity when his family purchased the horse ranch in 2002. Their goal was to transform it into a non-profit that would help Veterans, youth and families in the area that were in need. “I have always been incredibly invested in Trinity and its mission,” Mattson says. After a number of years working at Trinity, he and his wife Rachael spearheaded a new branch in 2009, the Trinity Mentoring Program. What started as a part-time job with only one child to mentor quickly grew into hundreds of mentoring sessions per month. Two years into the program, Mattson began working full time as Director of Youth Development where he helped Trinity thrive for twelve years, and has since added a second youth development program: Trinity Workshops.

Ready to take the next step, the promotion to Executive Director of Trinity brings new challenges and responsibilities that Mattson is excited to tackle. While he’ll manage the care of the animals, property and facilities at Trinity, and a lot of administrative duties, he is most excited to oversee staff and volunteers. “One thing that makes Trinity unique is the amazing group of people that make it up,” Mattson says. “They make Trinity such a welcoming, positive and friendly place to work and get help, and we truly couldn’t do what we do without each person.”

Though he’s new to the position, Mattson plans to stay true to Trinity’s roots, ensuring the programs and organization as a whole continue making a positive impact on the community. They are hoping to provide more free therapy sessions for Veterans and their families. Mattson says, “Toni, Bill and Jan, Trinity’s Founders, cultivated an amazing Veteran program that provides healing to our heroes. We all owe our Veterans a debt of gratitude for all the sacrifices they have made for our freedom, and we will always be able and willing to serve them.”

Mattson’s also wants to increase awareness and accessibility of the Youth Development Programs. He plans to add more scholarships for kids and families who may not have the funding necessary to be in the programs. “We love working with kids!” Mattson exclaims. “They are the future, and their story is important. We see so much untapped potential in them. We believe that empowering, inspiring, and challenging them leads them to discovering that untapped potential and is truly impactful to the local community and the world.”

One of Mattson’s favorite things about Trinity is seeing the joy and peace that people in their programs experience. Mattson states, “We are here to serve, to help heal, to navigate unknown waters, and to work through challenges. When we make progress and forge ahead, we get to see and experience the pure joy and smiles that come with it, making the whole journey worthwhile.”

Mattson’s desire as the new Executive Director is to continue to provide more and higher quality service to those they serve, and he is really looking forward to the future of Trinity. “Rachael and I are honored to care for all of these pieces of God’s creation, and we try to be better every day.”

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