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Saying Yes

by Sandi Anderson

February is here and many have entered month two of the 2022 resolutions: clearing out “stuff,” new goals for prosperity or career, new love, wellness, spiritual understanding. The last several years created the need and time to become aware of the thoughts and feelings we have been holding deep within. Believe that some of these thoughts are ready to bloom. Other thoughts we planted may need more light to grow well. Additionally, you may realize some feelings and beliefs are no longer needed in your life. To have a new better life, one must choose it…say “yes!”

Saying “yes” usually holds positive feelings and connotations of acceptance and affirmation. Not everyone has learned to be aware of the best use of this magical word that can transform one’s life. Learning how to hear, see and say “yes” wisely and more often can be a life-changer.

Alternatively, when we say “no” often, it can limit us, shutting down the doors to new opportunities for growth. Remember, our thoughts and desires are known by the Divine. The Divine delivers in many ways. A famous saying: “’Yes’ can reshape your life for good, and inspire others to do the same.”

Learning the how’s of saying yes

Say yes to opportunities: You have wants, desires and needs. The best “yes” you need to learn is to say yes to opportunities. This also includes those closest at hand--be willing and ready for those that come your way anytime. Thoughts ready to bloom can’t when we don’t let them go. Don’t shy away from seeking out more and making new ones where you can.

Say yes to challenges: Challenges teach you about your ultimate expression of strength. It is a great way to prep for the future situations in your life. Challenges are always on one’s life path, learning how to accept and deal with them is the difference between winning or not. Some seed thoughts need more time and light before blooming. Our challenges give the gift of knowing our true potential. Through them we find out we are capable, and we also discover how to grow our talents.

Say yes to your intuition: This means trust your “gut instincts.” Intuition is your inclination toward a particular idea, object, event or outcome. It is the inner guide that helps you make quicker and better decisions for your best interest. Intuition does not need a huge amount of reasoning. Know that intuition gives us a “no“ differently than the “no” we give towards new growth possibilities based on lack of motivation or efficiency. Trust your intuition, it may warn you when saying “yes” may take you places you are not meant to be.

Say yes.

Sandi Anderson of Healing Intentions - Spiritual Advisor, Reiki Master/Teacher Licensed Unity Teacher, Photographer

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