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In-Home Pet Care While You’re Out

By Becky Streeter

You love going on vacation, but hate sending your pet to a boarding facility. They give you those sad puppy dog eyes or completely ignore you when you try to say goodbye. Not to mention the added cost of boarding while you are already spending who knows how much on your trip… And your pet is now out of their comfort zone, potentially stressed out, until you come to pick them up. Headaches all around. In-home pet care could be the answer.

Crystal A. Louden, owner and operator of Tri-Paw’d Pet Care, provides a number of services to keep your pet stress-free while you are out. Louden will come to your house, play or stay with your pet, and keep up the normal daily routine. The benefits of in-home pet care are numerous. “Pets are able to stay safe and comfortable in their own home,” Louden states. “It smells like them, it is already set up for their safety, and it gives the best chances to maintain their routines. They can be cozy and comfy in their normal spots. It reduces stress by avoiding car rides (which are stressful for many pets). They also do not have to stay in a kennel environment--no other pets to see/hear/smell.”

In-home care can be especially beneficial for older pets. Many senior animals dislike the crazy, loud, busy commotion of most boarding facilities. Louden says, “With in-home care, they are able to rest where they're most comfortable, take potty breaks on a routine schedule, and receive any medications they may be on as prescribed.”

Many pets are content to stay home and just need a few visits each day for playtime, feeding, potty breaks and snuggles. However, not all pets do well being left alone, so Tri-Paw’d Pet Care offers overnight care to stay with them. This in-home care also provides a convenience for the owners. No transportation needed, no packing of gear, no worries! Owners also get a sense of security in knowing that their home is not completely empty while they are away.

In addition to pet sitting, Tri-Paw’d Pet Care offers variety of other routine services. In-home nail care and gland express services are great for senior or anxious/reactive pets. They also provide a pet taxi service to bring pets to and from daycare, vet visits, grooming and boarding. “We know not one style of care will fit for all pets,” says Louden, “so it's important to talk about what the owner and the pets need to help find the best fit for everyone. Our goal is comfort and stress-free, so it's good to find the right match.”

Nervous about entrusting your amazing (or crazy) pet with someone else? Don’t be. Louden is a veterinary technician and professional pet caregiver with over 12 years of experience. She has worked with several local clinics and shelters/rescues, is constantly working to continue education and training, and has received many awards for her efforts and services. “I have had the honor of learning with many incredible organizations in several states to continue learning new and humane care practices,” says Louden. “We focus on providing a positive and enriched life for all the pets in our care.”

To learn more about Tri-Paw’d Pet Care, visit their social media pages and Instagram @tripawdpetcare, or send an email to And keep checking for the opening of her website:

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